Prince Charles Public School Goes for Gold

A group of students wearing athletic clothing sits in a field

Prince Charles Public School is going for gold – Healthy Schools gold certification through Ophea, that is, a non-profit organization that works in partnership with schools to develop programming in support of health, well-being, and physical fitness.

“We know that physical activity is being replaced by stationary activities more and more, but that students benefit immensely from participation in sports and active living,” said Darryl Casey, principal at Prince Charles Public School. “That’s why we included the goal of gold certification in our School Improvement Plan this year, and why we have involved our school council, parents, and community partners in reaching this target.”

This would be the second year in a row Prince Charles Public School achieved gold certification, making the commitment last year to prioritize physical education, going beyond regular gym class. Through community connections and events, students are taking part in skating, swimming, a running club, intermural sports, and even dance lessons to get hearts pumping and minds engaged.

Going for Healthy Schools gold is in step with Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan, reflecting the Well-Being indicator which works to promote health and well-being, recognizing the balance of mind, body, and spirit in achieving educational success.

Working toward gold status has helped increase student leadership, and is strengthening the school’s relationship with community partners. Prince Charles Public School has been working with the Brant County Health Unit to run some student programming, and families and staff are all onboard to make healthy, active living a regular part of students’ lives.

For now, the paperwork has been filed, and Prince Charles Public School is waiting to hear confirmation that the school is golden again.

Update: Prince Charles Public School received official confirmation that they are Ophea Healthy Schools Gold once again - congratulations!

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