Open House Events Invite Dunnville Community to Say Goodbye to Grand Erie Elementary Schools

A group of students wears hardhats and holds shovels during groundbreaking celebrations

Caption: Students from both schools helped break ground last fall for construction of new Dunnville elementary school

Past and present staff and students, parents, friends and Dunnville community members are invited to bid farewell to two Grand Erie elementary schools slated to close at the end of June before the Board opens its newest school in the community in September.

“A school is a home away from home, so we know these walls hold a wealth of good memories for so many people at both Grandview Central and Fairview Avenue,” said Linda De Vos, Superintendent of Education responsible for Haldimand Elementary schools. “The Open Houses will provide a chance to reminisce about the more than 60 years each school has been part of the community. It will give everyone a chance to look ahead.”

The new Dunnville elementary school is currently under construction on a site adjacent to Fairview Avenue Public School. It is the result of the Haldimand East elementary pupil accommodation review process. The new school will bring together students from both Grandview Central and Fairview Avenue in September. Both Grandview Central and Fairview Avenue will open their doors on Saturday, April 21 from 1-3 p.m. for the Open House events. Guests will be able to tour both schools, catch up with old friends and teachers, and enjoy a few refreshments.

Please note: the Open House events were previously scheduled for Saturday, April 14, but were cancelled due to inclement weather conditions.

Open House Details:
Saturday, April 21, 2018
1-3 p.m.
Fairview Avenue Public School, 223 Fairview Avenue West, Dunnville, Ontario
Grandview Central Public School, 11 Thrush Street, Dunnville, Ontario

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