The Most Important Meal of the Day at Echo Place School

Students are served a hot breakfast by teachers

Caption: Students enjoy the offerings of the breakfast program

The staff at Echo Place School are volunteering their time to support student nutrition, and helping to set the conditions for a successful day of learning in doing so.

As part of a new breakfast program, every Tuesday and Thursday morning staff members prepare a hot, nutritionally balanced breakfast. The new breakfast program began in October in order to supplement the regular snack program that provides healthy snacks for all students every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Participation in the program is growing each week.

“Our students have enjoyed egg sandwiches, waffles, homemade oatmeal, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, toasted bagels, and freshly baked blueberry muffins, just to name a few selections provided so far,” said Cheryl Innes, principal at Echo Place School. “We have been very lucky to have many of our staff members and a few new volunteers from our community support the program by preparing the food, serving our students, and helping to clean up afterward.”

The new program is jointly sponsored by Brant Food for Thought and President’s Choice Children’s Charities. Students are getting involved, too, by setting up and putting away the tables and chairs each day. The promise of a delicious, hot breakfast is giving students at Echo Place School a new reason to look forward to coming to school early every Tuesday and Thursday, and the initiative supports student well-being, a key component in Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan. Creating healthy school environments that recognize mind, body, emotion, and spirit of students is a goal of the plan, allowing students to participate must fully in their education.

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