It Takes a Village: Community is Key at Oakland-Scotland Public School

Students watch and listen as community volunteer leads chess lesson

Caption: Chess is now on offer at Oakland-Scotland Public School thanks to community partnership

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and at Oakland-Scotland Public School, community partnerships are playing an important role in Success for Every Student.

New this year is a partnership with the Scotland Baptist Church, which is offering a wide array of clubs and activities to students. Coordinated by pastors Andrea and Nelson Chang, with local volunteers forming its backbone, they program activities such as cooking, sewing, and chess into the school.

“Our partnership with the Scotland Baptist Church gives us the opportunity to offer clubs that our small staff – already dedicated to sports extracurricular activities – might not otherwise be able to,” said Oakland-Scotland Public School Principal Andy Schuyler, who is the staff advisor for the clubs. “Andrea and Nelson are both tireless boosters of our community, and bringing extra-curricular activities to the school enriches everyone.”

The Chess Club offers drop-in opportunities every Thursday for any students interested in learning the game that is shown to increase creativity, memory, and problem-solving abilities. Cooking and sewing classes take place after school, with consideration for a limited number of spots given to students who might otherwise experience barriers to participation.

Community is an important indicator of Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan, celebrating the partners whose contributions enhance the learning experiences of our students.

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