Health is Happening at Teeterville Public School

A group of young students smiles while holding healthy snacks

Teeterville Public School had the honour of being featured as the cover story in the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit’s spring newsletter, recognizing the school’s hard work and commitment to healthy living, evidenced by a number of projects and initiatives taking place this year.

The Healthy School Committee, which includes staff, students, parents, and public health partners, has been key in identifying and implementing a number of valuable projects related to healthy, active living. By tapping into the school community’s resources, Teeterville has been able to enhance student learning and celebrate the partners who contribute to that success.

The projects Teeterville has undertaken are related to increasing physical activity, promoting healthy food options, and exploring mindfulness. A sampling of the projects recognized include MindUp, a social-emotional learning program that helps students better understand how their brain works and how to manage their emotions and behaviours. The school also launched a Playground Activity Leaders in Schools Program (PALS) where student volunteers promote active living by running planned activities during recess.

Throughout the winter and spring, students, staff and parents have also participated in Fitness Fridays, embracing activities such as yoga and Zumba.

Healthy School Committee members tapped into the support in the community, coordinating a local Fresh-from-the-Farm fundraiser and a pop-up farmers market that sells fruits and vegetables from nearby farmers as a healthy way to raise funds for the school.

Finally, the You’re the Chef program has been implemented in every class. This program brings certified volunteers into the school to teach students how to prepare healthy snacks, boosting knowledge and confidence in the kitchen.

Teeterville’s active approach to health and wellness goes hand-in-hand with Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan, working with community partners and the unique resources of the surrounding area to support well-being, recognizing the mind, body, emotion, and spirit of students and staff.

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