Grandview Central PS Grateful for its Educational Assistants

Two smiling Educational Assistants stand outside of school

Caption: Educational Assistants Melissa Gibson, left, and Jenn Franklin

“My goal is to work myself out of a job.”

That’s the philosophy of Melissa Gibson, educational assistant at Grandview Central Public School, and it’s a sentiment that speaks volumes about how much care goes toward the goal of Success for Every Student.

Grandview Central PS has a lot to be proud of when it comes to the roles staff take on in ensuring that their students are supported in their achievement and learning.

“We all play important roles as a Grand Erie collective, of course, but I immediately think of that special group of people who support all of us – our educational assistants,” says David Gervais, principal at Grandview Central PS. “It’s sort of like a reverse ripple effect: many circular waves build upon each other and converge in the centre, helping to shape the school experiences of a student in the most positive ways possible.”

Grandview Central’s educational assistant support is rounded out by Jenn Franklin, and she and Gibson have a combined 42 years of work experience in the field. They are an amazing team of educators, having a tremendously positive effect on students, their families, and the wider school community.

Educational assistants, teachers, administration and support staff work as a cohesive team, and the learning environment is enriched because of it.

“Hats off to Jenn and Melissa, and to all of Grand Erie’s education assistants,” said Gervais. “It’s their expertise, passion and compassion for students that helps them achieve and grow.”

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