Grand Erie's Math Strategy Adds up to Equal Success

Caption: Students from Centennial Grand Woodlands took a moment during their math lesson to create a visual representation for math.

In order to achieve success for every student, Grand Erie is committed to improving student achievement and engagement in all subject areas including mathematics.

Trends reported in recent years by the Education Quality and Accountability Office show there is room for improvement in the area of math achievement in Grand Erie and throughout the province.

Initiated by the Ministry of Education and adapted by Grand Erie, the 2016-17 school year is the launch of the Renewed Math Strategy. The strategy is designed to support mathematical learning from Kindergarten to Grade 12, including a focus on the strengths and needs of students with learning disabilities.

“Mathematics is a fundamental skill that all students need to succeed,” said Linda De Vos, Superintendent of Education responsible for elementary program.

“The Renewed Math Strategy reinforces our commitment to differentiate instruction, increase our educators’ knowledge in mathematics and strengthen their expertise in teaching practices.”

The Renewed Math Strategy provides the conditions for school and system improvement. There are differentiated and tiered levels of support to include all schools in Grand Erie. While all schools will receive support, some schools will receive increased support and a few schools will receive intensive support.

Educators will receive additional learning to increase their knowledge of effective instructional practices based on the tiered levels of support. New math coaches are in place at the elementary level to support assigned schools. The coaches will share their expertise and support other educators to achieve the greatest outcomes for students. Instructional coaches are available at the Board-level and will support educators as needed. Math coaches have also been identified within the existing school staff at the secondary level.

Math, similar to literacy, is found in all aspects of life. Staff are being encouraged to embed the subject across the curriculum and include more experiential learning opportunities in order to build upon the skills that students have acquired in mathematics.

Parents also have an important role to play in the Renewed Math Strategy. As the child's first and most important teachers, parents who are engaged in their child's mathematics education and who promote a positive attitude towards learning the subject will create a supportive environment for them to do well.

“In a world that needs students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers, understanding mathematical concepts is one of the greatest indicators for future success,” said Denise Martins, Superintendent of Education responsible for secondary program.

“Our emphasis in mathematics with the Renewed Math Strategy will make a difference for students as they move along their pathway to reach graduation.”

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