Good Things Cooking at Pauline Johnson C&VS

A commercial-grade kitchen space at Pauline Johnson Collegiate

A renovation, a partnership with Conestoga College, and an exciting vision of culinary possibility are the ingredients going into Pauline Johnson Collegiate and Vocational School’s recipe for success with its new Hospitality program.

“We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of this program, and to share it with the school community as well as the entire Brantford area,” said Michael DeGroote, principal at Pauline Johnson, of the program’s potential. “Students will benefit from the new equipment and space, and will be responsible for planning and preparing meals available for purchase.”

To prepare for the launch of the program, the school’s space underwent an extensive renovation, adding the kind of professional-grade facility you would see in a large-scale restaurant or hotel kitchen. Providing up-to-date technology and infrastructure is a pillar in Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan, so the added space will allow students to use new equipment on pace with the professional culinary landscape.

Another important ingredient is a partnership with Conestoga College.

“Partnering with Conestoga College means we will be offering dual credits,” said DeGroote. “Students enrolled in Hospitality courses will receive both a secondary school and a college credit at the same time.”

The space also includes a bistro, able to accommodate small groups for delicious meals. It’s sure to be a popular spot with foodies throughout Grand Erie.

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