Friday Night Lights in Delhi

A football player moves out of the way of a potential tackle

This fall marked the seventh annual Friday Night Lights football game for Delhi District Secondary School, a sporting event which has become must-attend for so many in the Norfolk area, and a highlight on the school’s yearly calendar. This year's game against the Holy Trinity Titans was no exception.

Typically, attendance at the Friday-before-Thanksgiving game reaches 1000 spectators – quite a feat in a township of just over 4,000 citizens. The support Delhi District SS receives from the community, as well as sponsorships from local businesses, is what makes it all possible, and adds to the excitement and positivity. Over the years, this special Friday night has evolved into a fun family event that brings together students, parents, neighbours, alumni, and even visitors travelling from out of town,

“The atmosphere in Delhi on that Friday of Thanksgiving weekend always means it's Friday Night Lights, and the kids are really excited,” said Raiders coach Dave Leatherland. “You can feel the excitement in the air.”

For the players on the field, a chance to play in one of these games is a highlight indeed.

“When we're on the field at practice, we're there to try to improve and work on things, but these experiences don't happen every week, and not every player gets the experience of a Friday-night football game here in Norfolk,” Leatherland said. “ We always stop to remind ourselves to take it all in and enjoy it, but at the same time, to not lose our focus – it's still a football game and you're there to represent your school and give it your all.”

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