Easy Being Green at Delhi Public School

Caption: Students at Delhi PS demonstrate recycling and eco-waste solutions

Delhi Public School is proud to be a certified Gold EcoSchool, and is continuing its efforts to maintain this environmental awareness in its activities throughout the year.

In order to become an EcoSchool, schools are required to register with Ontario EcoSchools and must meet specific criteria in order to achieve certification status. Delhi PS first became an Ontario EcoSchool in 2012, after deciding to more actively promote environmental action within the school community. Over the first two years, Delhi PS achieved Silver status – quite an accomplishment for a new EcoSchool! Over the last three years, students and staff have worked hard to establish and maintain a number of eco initiatives.

“Over the years, we have developed a school-wide recycling program and established an annual school EcoTeam that works hard to promote environmentalism within our school,” said Paula Rasokas, principal at Delhi PS. “From daily eco reminders, to outdoor clean-ups and battery drives, the EcoTeam comes up with ideas all year long to encourage staff and students to think ‘green.’”

Earth Week activities each spring are planned to highlight the eco initiatives and learning that the school has participated in as a community throughout the year. Such activities include: litter-less lunch days, a school-wide eco craft day facilitated by intermediate students, and most recently, participation in the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge.

As part of the Battery Recycling Challenge, students will be working to collect household batteries, and will bring them to school for collection. The challenge began October 16th, and concludes on April 20th – Earth Day. The goal is to raise awareness of non-renewable resources, and help divert batteries that otherwise end up in landfills, disposing of them safely.

The Eco Team at Delhi Public School is proud to work hard each year to promote environmental awareness and stewardship within the school community.

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