Permit Type

When submitting the Application for Community Use of Schools, the Applicant must select the correct permit type. The following permit types are defined in order to understand the priority of bookings and fee structure:

Non-profit, volunteer organization approved for affiliation by a municipal Recreation Authority for the purpose of making recreational and/or cultural programs available to all residents of the local community. This does not include tournament events.

Not for profit youth groups or groups that are donating to the GEDSB in an amount that is greater than the fee charged for the use of the facility. This also includes School Alumni sanctioned by the school administrator, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and other Non-Profit Youth groups not affiliated with a Municipality. Not-for-Profit Groups will be required to show proof of status or provide an affidavit letter indicating that the organization is a not for profit organization.

Groups that are providing a community services but are adult focused. Examples are Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance, Health Units and short-term use by municipal emergency services.

Fundraising Events, Church Group meetings, Service Club meetings, Amateur Drama Clubs, Non-Affiliated Community Groups, Local Cultural Groups, Other Educational Groups i.e. Colleges and Universities, Tournaments, Union/Federation events, School Alumni Activities NOT sanctioned by school administrator and Non-Affiliated Adult Recreation.

Commercial enterprises, professional theatre groups, Church Services, Private individuals, Political Groups, Private Fitness, Dance Instructional Groups and Film Production Companies.

Student and staff events sanctioned by the school administrator, School Clubs and School Council Meetings, Administrative or other staff meetings and sports teams.

Non-Profit Childcare, Early ON Child and Family Programs and Before and After School Children’s Recreation Providers (not including tournaments or special events).