A Message from the Director of Education, Brenda Blancher

I’m pleased to present the 2016-17 Annual Director’s Report for the Grand Erie District School Board. Each year, the Annual Director’s Report provides an opportunity for us to share and celebrate with the community the many accomplishments, events, activities and initiatives that took place within Grand Erie over the past 12 months.

The 2016-17 school year was an important one for Grand Erie as the Board approved a new strategic direction to guide the work that the school board is doing. At the centre of Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan is Success for Every Student. Grand Erie will achieve Success for Every Student through a focus on students and staff in a culture of high expectations.

A culture of high expectations means effective instruction, leadership and team work as well as effective engagement of all students and staff. It also means effective conditions for learning and working as well as effective use of board resources.

The six indicators that will support Grand Erie’s goal of Success for Every Student are: Achievement, Well-Being, Equity, Environment, Technology and Community.

Grand Erie’s 2016-20 Multi-Year Plan was introduced in the fall of 2016, with the release of two videos:

  • In Catching Success students discuss their goals and expectations for the 2016-17 school year through the lens of Success for Every Student
  • The Success for Every Student video showcases how students prepare for school, take part in extra-curricular activities and make time for part-time jobs

While the Multi-Year Plan provides the road map for where the Board wants to be in 2020, it is the staff that drive the Plan on a day-to-day basis, working together to ensure Success for Every Student.

Grand Erie parents also play a vital role. When parents are engaged and involved, everyone benefits and our schools are more inviting, diverse, progressive and positive places to teach, learn and grow.

I’m incredibly proud of the work that was done in Grand Erie in 2016-17 and I’m delighted to share our stories from the past year within the framework of the six indicators of Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan.


Brenda Blancher

A Message from the Chair of the Board, David Dean

On behalf of all Trustees, I’m pleased to showcase the incredible work accomplished by the Grand Erie District School Board in 2016-17 through the Annual Director’s Report.

As Trustees, we serve the community, including students, parents and staff. We take pride in our role of being the link between the school board and the communities that we represent in Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk.

Of our many tasks, the most important for Trustees is to listen and seek input – from students, parents, staff and members of the community – on issues that impact education in Grand Erie. We want to extend our thanks and appreciation for these discussions and on-going conversations as they help us shape the direction of our school board moving forward.

We took an important step in 2016-17 with the implementation of Grand Erie’s new Multi-Year Plan. The Plan provides a strategic focus for our school board following months of discussion, feedback and input from the community.

At the heart of Grand Erie’s new Multi-Year Plan is Success for Every Student. We take this goal seriously and all of our decisions as a Board reflect back upon this important focus.

We have much to celebrate from the 2016-17 school year, as you will see in this Annual Director’s Report, and much to build upon following a remarkable first year focused on Success for Every Student.


David Dean

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Grand Erie Facts

  • Total Enrolment: 26,681
  • Total Number of Elementary Students: 17,829
  • Total Number of Secondary Students: 8,852
  • Total Schools: 74
  • 60 Elementary
  • 14 Secondary + 1 secondary section 23 school (Sprucedale)
  • Number of First Nations, Metis and Inuit Students Self-Id total: 1,759
  • Tuition Agreement: 581
  • Percentage of Primary Classes at 20 or fewer: 90.7
  • Total number of staff (full-time equivalent): 2,806.16
  • Instructional staff: 1,806.16
  • Non-instructional staff: 1,000
  • Bussed Students: 11,732
  • EcoSchools
    • Total schools: 39 – 50 per cent of all Grand Erie schools
      • 31 elementary
      • 8 secondary
      • Platinum: 1
      • Gold: 14
      • Silver: 17
      • Bronze: 7
  • Parent Engagement Grants
    • Parent Reaching Out Grants (Ministry of Education): 14
    • Grand Erie Parent Involvement Committee (GEPIC): 20
  • Specialist High Skills Majors
    • 13 secondary schools offer 33 specialist High Skills Major Programs in 11 different economic sectors