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6 FAQ’s for the Staff Portal

  1. Why can’t I see my pay stub?

    If you are logging into your electronic pay-stub and receive a blank screen this is a compatibility setting issue. Please follow the following instructions on how to resolve this issue:


    In the address bar please select the highlighted icon (broken page). Once this has been selected it will turn blue and you will now be able to view your epay-stubs.

  2. How do I change my Outlook password?

    Log into OWA (Outlook Web App) . Once here select Office 365 settings by going to the options to the right of your username. Once here you will find the password reset option on the left hand side of your page.

  3. How do I open my WordPerfect files?

    WordPerfect files will now be opened with Microsoft Word. To set your WordPerfect files to open with Word please right click on a WordPerfect file and select open with, select choose default program. Please select Word as the default program. WordPerfect files will now open by default in Microsoft Word.

  4. What requirements does a new password have to meet?

    When creating a new password for your network/portal login your new password will need to meet the following requirements.  Please make sure your password is at least 8 characters in length, it must have a capital letter a lower case letter and a number or a character in it. You cannot use any of your previous six passwords.

    Your Outlook password will follow the same requirements.

  5. Why does the password have to be reset so often?

    This all comes down to security. The 60 day password reset is all about security and keeping you the user safe and secure from any hacking. This is why the requirements for your passwords and the timeframe have been set to what they are.

  6. How to set up SkyDrive and sync?

    Please follow the following link for a tutorial on how to start using your OneDrive storage.

    Please scroll down to Windows In The Classroom and select OneDrive for Business for the tutorial.

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