Message from Laurie Murray, Principal

I am now well into my fifth year at Onondaga-Brant and am enjoying my time here immensely. We have a wonderful staff who are extremely dedicated to ensuring our students have the best education that will set them up for success in this 21st Century.

The staff provides innovative, student centred programming delivered with enthusiasm and care. Although small in numbers, each and every teacher feels that extra curricular programs are important for our students. Because of this dedication, they work above and beyond expectations. Our teachers ensure that we offer many programs, both sports and the arts, for our students; from athletic school teams and intramural programs, to clubs such as art, choir, zumba and lego.

We are thankful for the work the Parent Association does to raise funds for our school. Because of their efforts we were able to purchase laptop computers to ensure that all of our grade 6 - 8 classes have a computer to use for their work. We use a program called Google Apps where parents can also monitor their students work. We are in the third year of this program and it is running very well.

The staff has also been working hard ensuring that they are using a Growth Mindset in the classroom. A fixed mindset believes that people's intelligence and traits are fixed traits and unchangeable. A growth mindset believes that intelligence and traits are developed through dedication and hard work. We talk about how much effort has gone into work rather than saying that students are smart. We have seen great success, especially in the area of student motivation.

Currently we are studying how to create thinking classrooms. Our essential goal is to ensure that our planning creates students who think about what they are learning. We want students to foster a deep understanding, build real-life competencies and form genuine commitments. We will be aligning our teaching practices with five key principles of the 21st century learning; engage students, sustain inquiry, nurture self-regulated learners, create assessment-rich learning and enhance learning through digital technology. I will let you know how this learning goes.

The P.R.I.D.E. program will continue this year. P.R.I.D.E. stands for Positive Attitude; Respect; Involvement; Dedication; and Excellence. (See the P.R.I.D.E. page for more information.) Once a week we have our P.R.I.D.E. assemblies where we celebrate all the great things that have happened at Onondaga-Brant School over the past week, from the learning that happened on classroom trips and academic excellence to sharing our differences and having fun at recess. Our goal is to be a family, where everyone feels welcomed and included. Feel free to come and be part of the enthusiasm, on Day 5's at 8:50 a.m.

We encourage all parents to come out and volunteer, in a variety of ways, at the school. We are looking for members to become part of our Parents' Association. Our meetings are on Wednesday nights, normally once every two months at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to be part of this group. We appreciate all of the hard work that they do. From fund-raisers to food days, this group is busy!

Volunteers are also needed to work in the school. Without volunteers were could not run the programs that we do. From helping in the library or for special events, volunteers are needed in a variety of ways.

This year we started Strong Start. Strong Start is a program ran by volunteers to assist our struggling Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 readers. It requires two, two hour training sessions, led by Strong Start. We have run the program once so far and it has proven very successful. We are just starting our second session. Currently we have 7 volunteers. If you would like to help with this program, after the training, the commitment is whatever you need it to be, one hour a week or more. Please ask your student's teacher how you could help. All volunteers need to have a current police check.


Student Handbook

Click to download a copy of the Parent Handbook.

Motto: A quest to be our best!

Vision: We strive to develop responsible and proactive citizens, one student at a time.

Mission: OBS prepares students to strive for excellence and take pride in their accomplishments to become independent learners with the desires, the skills and the abilities necessary for lifelong learning. This requires a learning environment which is centered around students, directed by teachers and supported by home and community.

Code Of Conduct

Roles and Responsibilities

Each individual is important and unique and should be empowered to contribute positively to the school community. Responsibility and ownership for a safe learning environment must be assumed by all members of the school community. Educators and community members have a responsibility to work in partnership to develop responsible citizens.

The Role of School Personnel

  • To demonstrate care and commitment to academic excellence and a safe teaching and learning environment
  • To act as role models and to hold everyone to the highest standard of respectful and responsible behaviour
  • To communicate regularly and meaningfully with all members of the school community
  • To maintain a consistent standard of behaviour respectful of the human rights of all participants
  • To demonstrate respect for all students, staff, parents and community members
  • To prepare students for the full responsibilities of citizenship

The Role Of the Student

  • To attend school prepared, on time and ready to learn
  • To show respect for themselves, others and to those in authority
  • To refrain from bringing anything to school that may compromise the safety of others
  • To follow established rules and take responsibility for their actions
  • To set goals and determine ways to achieve academic excellence

The Role of Parent/Guardian(s):

  • To show an active interest in their child’s school work and progress
  • To encourage the highest standard of achievement attainable by their child
  • To communicate regularly with school personnel
  • To help their child be neat, appropriately dressed and prepared for school
  • To ensure their child attends school regularly and on time
  • To promptly report to the school their child’s absence or late arrival
  • To become familiar with the Code Of Conduct and school rules, and assist their child in following these rules of behaviour
  • To assist school staff in dealing with disciplinary issues

Respect, Civility & Responsible Citizenship

All members of the school community must:

  • Seek staff assistance if necessary, to resolve conflict peacefully
  • Respect all members of the community, especially persons in positions of authority
  • Respect all needs of others to work in an environment that is conducive to learning and teaching
  • To use respectful language when interacting with another person


All members of the school community must NOT:

  • Engage in bullying behaviours
  • Commit sexual assault
  • Use any objects to threaten or intimidate another person in any manner
  • Inflict or encourage others to inflict bodily harm on another person
  • Commit an act of vandalism that causes any damage to school property located on the premises or the school

Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Bullying is typically a form of repeated, persistent and aggressive behaviour directed at an individual or individuals that is intended to cause (or should be known to cause) fear or distress and/or harm to another person’s body, feelings, self-esteem, or reputation. Bullying occurs in a context where there is a real or perceived power imbalance.

Bullying adversely affects students’ ability to learn, the maintenance and establishment of healthy relationships and the school climate. Therefore bullying will not be accepted on school property, at school related activities, on school buses or in any other circumstance (e.g. online) where engaging in bullying will have a negative impact on the school climate.

To combat bullying, Onondaga-Brant School will provide:

  • Procedures to allow students to report bullying incidents in a safe and timely manner
  • Supports for students who have been bullied
  • Training for all staff and an educational evening for the community
  • Bullying prevention strategies as outlined in the school improvement plan
  • A Safe School Team responsible for school safety

Dress Code

Students, staff and volunteers are required to wear proper attire that displays good taste and demonstrates respect for themselves and others.

Hats, bandanas (or headwear) must be removed when in school, unless for a specified activity or medically required. Hair bands are allowed.

Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times, both inside and outside. Clothing must be appropriate to a school setting.

  • Shirts must be at least waist length and overlap pants during all activities.
  • Midriffs and backs must not be exposed.
  • Shoulder straps on tops should be at least 2 fingers wide—no “spaghetti” straps or halter tops.
  • Necklines, shorts and skirts should fit appropriately and reflect modesty.
  • Pyjama tops, bottoms and nightshirts are not acceptable clothing at school.
  • Appropriate undergarments are necessary and must not be visible.
  • Clothing that exhibits inappropriate language/graphics or messages is unacceptable at all times. (nothing promoting/depicting drugs, tobacco, alcohol, racist content, sexual content or violence)
  • Parents of students wearing inappropriate clothing will be called to bring them a change of clothing.

The school does not accept responsibility for items lost at school. Students and parents are expected to check the Lost & Found area when items are on display. Unclaimed items are given to the needy on a periodic basis.


Regular attendance is vital for successful educational experience. Children are however, expected to be kept at home when they are obviously too ill to attend school. Children should be in school for the entire day. Please try to avoid late arrivals and leaving early. If your child will be away from school, please inform the office in the morning. If the absence will be for several days, please indicate this to the secretary. If no communication to the school is made, please expect a call from the school to ensure your child is safe. If you are picking up your child early for an appointment, please send a note to the school to ensure communication is made between home and school.

Late Arrivals

If a student arrives at school after 8:45 a.m., parents/guardians are asked to sign the student in and report to the office. The sign-in/sign out book is located in the front entryway of the school.

Written Notice

  • Children leaving school at non-dismissal times must have a dated, signed note from parents/guardians in order to leave.
  • All children must be picked up in the office.
  • Parents /guardians must report to the office, NOT to the classroom.
  • Anyone other than the parent/guardian picking up the child must have written permission from the parent/guardian.

Answering Machine

Onondaga-Brant School has voicemail to allow parents top get in touch with us when it is convenient for them. Calls can tell us if a student is going to be away due to illness, give information the school has requested, leave a message for a teacher, notify us about a change in transportation, or respond to a call from the school.

Please note that between the hours of 8:45 and 3:05, calls will go into voicemail if someone is already on the line or if we are on break cannot take your call. We check phone messages immediately after getting off the phone or after getting back from break.


Students are expected to ride to and from school everyday on their assigned buses. Students will not be allowed to use the school busing system to be transported somewhere other than their own home or babysitter’s home. Alternate transportation for babysitting purposes are subject to approval by Transportation Services and the necessary forms must be completed. Forms are available at the office.

Please note that transportation to birthday parties and after school socializing is the responsibility of the parents. Some of the routes are full and cannot accommodate any more students. In addition, it is too confusing to keep track of students when they are not where they should be.Requests will be denied.

The office must be informed whenever there is going to be a change in transportation for your child. (i.e. your child is going to be picked up by either you or someone else, he/she will be riding his/her bike to and from school)

Police Checks

All volunteers in the school must have a current Police Check on File in the school office. Forms are available from the office.

Prohibited Items

The items listed below are not to be brought to school. Some of these items are from the prohibited list included in the Safe Schools Policy. Other items appear on the list because they can be misused, can cause permanent damage to both personal and school property.

  • Replica weapons (sling shots, knives)
  • Hard balls, golf balls, etc.
  • Matches, lighters, firecrackers, caps
  • Offensive CD’s and music on MP3-type players
  • Remote controlled vehicles
  • Electronic games
  • Golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey sticks
  • Liquid paper
  • Cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs
  • Water guns, trading cards
  • Cell phones must be kept in bags and turned off while at school

Computer Use Agreement

Students will be provided with an acceptable computer use agreement that indicates that you/they have read and understood the listed rules for computer use at Onondaga-Brant School. This agreement must be signed and returned to the school prior to the commencement of computer use. Failure to observe the rules will result in the loss of computer privileges for a period of time to be determined by the student’s teacher and/or the Principal.

Medication at School

If your child is on a medication that needs to be administered on a regular basis at school, forms giving our school staff your consent to administer the medication must be completed by you and your doctor. These forms are available from Mrs. Smith.

All medications must be kept locked in the school’s medicine cabinet and will be dispensed as outlined by the doctor prescribing the medication.

All medications at school must be in a pharmacy storage container that is labeled with the name of the child, the drug and the dosage.

If you need medications at home and at school, remember to ask your pharmacist for an extra bottle/container that is properly labeled for us here at school.

Forms must also be completed by parents (but not the doctor) for non-prescription medications such as Tylenol or Advil in order to have them administered here at school. All medication must be kept under lock and key. Do not send any medication to school with your child.

Bus Cancellations/Early Dismissal

Weather conditions may require that transportation services be cancelled or delayed in specific zones. Zone numbers will be broadcast on the radio announcements but school names will not. Please note that Onondaga-Brant School is ZONE 3. If buses are cancelled, the school will be closed to both the students and staff. We recommend that you listen to CKPC radio station as it services the Grand Erie District School Board Area.

Designated Radio Stations

CKPC, 1380 AM, Brantford

CKPC, 92.1 FM, Brantford

Educational Links


Online access to Raz-Kids reading program. Please login to the site with the information sent home by your child(ren)'s classroom teacher(s)


Online access to the Prodigy math games program. Please login to the site with the information sent home by your child(ren)'s classroom teacher(s)


Online access to Sumdog math games program. Please login to the site with the information sent home by your child(ren)'s classroom teacher(s)


Online access to free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web


Online access to PBSkids games

Discovery Kids

Online access to Discovery Kids educational games and research


Online access to free educational games, online books, and comics. Funbrain, created for kids ages preschool through grade 8, offers more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math, reading, and literacy.

A Note from the Safe Schools Team

From time to time, your child may come home and report a problem to you. To facilitate the process of reporting, we have included a student incident reporting form in the agenda.

You may choose to copy this form using your home photocopier/scanner and complete this form with your child. You may use the form as a guideline and record your child’s responses on another paper.

Either way, please answer the questions with your child and return it to the school in an envelope with the principal’s name on it. Your child’s teacher will send it to the office upon receipt and the office will deal with the problem.