C.O.P.E. Council

The school has a very active parent group called C.O.P.E. Council. C.O.P.E. stands for Courtland Organization of Parents and Educators.

Our Purpose: As a non-profit group consisting of the parents, guardians and educators of Courtland Public School, we come together to volunteer our time to assist in the learning and achievements of our students. We aim to promote Courtland P.S. in the community and to develop positive relationships between students, families and school staff. In addition, we want to help to provide experiences that make our wonderful school unique and memorable for the students.

Members: All parents/guardians of Courtland Public School students can be members of the group. You are invited to attend any and all meetings but we encourage you to attend as your schedule allows.

Please feel free to volunteer at functions even if you cannot attend meetings. Everyone is encouraged to participate.


Chair: Mrs. R. Vanderven

Vice-Chair: Mrs. M. Riches

Treasurer: Mrs. A. Robinson

Secretary: Ms. M. McDonald

Elections are held for executive positions each September. Meetings are generally held once a month in the school library, beginning at 6:30pm.

Parent Council involvement includes:

  • making recommendations to the principal and the school board
  • contributing to the shared goal of improving student achievement
  • having a vehicle through which to express opinions
  • being able to keep informed about what is happening at the school and the board, as well as education at the provincial level

Current projects include:

  • purchasing graduation photos, an award, flowers and decorations for grade eight graduation
  • maintaining the school’s memory garden
  • selling t-shirts to promote school pride and spirit
  • supplementing the cost for a family dinner during Meet the Teacher Night and Education Week
  • providing a free turkey dinner at Christmas and a free Easter dinner for all the students and staff
  • providing $5.00 per student to offset the cost of school trips
  • sponsoring a school dance-a-thon, prizes, refreshments to dispel the “winter blahs”
  • sharing half the cost of building a shed for the schoolyard to house Kindergarten outdoor play equipment
  • providing each staff member with $100.00 to purchase additional classroom resources
  • sponsoring a Parent Reaching Out Grant speaker to present to parents about how to assist their children with homework to avoid “homework wars”

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September 2017