Early Morning Meal Program

Daily, students are offered nutritious snacks in their classroom before morning announcements. This important program is funded by the Child Nutrition Network. Many individuals support the daily efforts of providing a variety of healthy food in the classrooms every morning. Thanks to all those who play a part in this Program.

The Wish Closet

The Wish Closet is a place where children, parents and staff from Elgin Avenue Public School Community will be able to have their 'Wishes' become a reality for those in need.

The Wish Closet is a collection of gently used clothing, shoes, books, coats, books, toys and household items that are available for children and families who 'Wish' that they could have something they need. The Wish Closet is located on the Gym Level in the Front Stairwell.

And best of all, the Wish Closet is FREE of charge.

Let us help you today! One day you can 'pay it forward' and help someone else!!

Contact the school for information of how to access the items within the Wish Closet.

The Wish Closet will continue to receive donations from the community in an effort to provide the necessities of life for those in need, FREE of charge. If you or your family are able to donate gently used (clean and in good repair) clothing, especially winter outwear of all sizes from infant to adults, small household items, books and toys, please drop them off at the office of Elgin Avenue Public School.

Here's to the kindness of strangers 'paying it forward.'