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Course Calendars

Pre-requisite pathway charts

The charts contained in this link map out all the courses in each discipline and show the links between courses and the possible prerequisites for them. They do not attempt to depict all possible movements from course to course, but rather serve as a pathway planning tool.

Please note the following information will be added into the Course Calendars:

Student Fees

There will be no fees or cost charged to students to participate in regular day school program. Fees may be charged where the student chooses to upgrade the material or where purchase of material is optional. Students enrolled in Grand Erie District School Board schools can expect to be provided with the basic classroom learning resources that are required in order to complete the course expectations. It is recognized there may be optional resources that students may purchase to enhance their program; e.g. field trips, workbooks, upgrading materials in courses such as construction technology and visual arts. Students may choose enhanced program options where fees are required to recover associated costs.

Students are expected to come to school ready and willing to participate actively in their own learning. To that end, students are expected to bring materials with them for their own personal school work. Teachers will communicate the basic materials needed to complete learning tasks in each class; e.g., pencils, pens, pencil crayons, markers, erasers, rulers, calculators, etc.

Students are encouraged to pay the student activity fee. The activity fee includes but is not limited to access to the co-instructional program (e.g., sports, dances and other school activities). Students involved in co-instructional teams, groups and clubs will be made aware of any addtional fund-raising obligations or participation fees prior to making a commitment to participate.

Students and families experiencing hardship may contact the school administration for assistance to support students' success in school.


BCI_CourseCalendar_HiRes.pdf (8mb)
BCI_CourseCalendar_Web.pdfBCI_CourseCalendar_Web.pdf (4mb)



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