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​Special Education

All children have individual learning needs, but some children have exceptional learning needs. And to reach their learning potential, they may need additional resources.

Physical devices and supports for accessible learning, support devices delivered in the school to better accommodate learning, changes to the curriculum, and a change in learning environments and classroom settings are some of the many resources available certain students.

Special education programs and services within the Grand Erie District School Board are guided by the following principles.

  1. All students can succeed. Success looks different for different students.
  2. Educational opportunities are differentiated for students, and provided for students in the whole class, in groups, and very rarely on a one-to-one basis.
  3. Students learn differently and have different educational goals. Educators consider these differences when planning and delivering programs.
  4. The goal for all schools is to create environments that consider and include the learning needs of all students.
  5. Resources are provided to support students to become independent in reaching their educational goals.
  6. The classroom teacher and early childhood educator are the primary support for all students in school. Human resource supports such as learning resource teachers, educational assistants and other support staff work as a support to the classroom teacher and early childhood educator to address the needs of the students.
  7. Students are educated in their community schools if this is the more enabling environment for their learning. Self-contained classroom placements are available if regular class placement cannot meet the needs of students.
  8. Fairness is not sameness. Students are provided with resources and supports that will assist them to become independent in reaching their educational goals.

Special Education Resources:

*The Parent's Guide to Special Education outlines the Identification, Placement and Resource Committee (IPRC) process.  The document represents a summary of information, provided in Ontario Regulation 181/98, and should be read in conjunction with this Regulation. If any discrepancy exists between this document and the Regulation, the information in Regulation 181/98 applies.





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