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Equity and Inclusive Education

At Grand Erie District School Board, all students, parents and members of the school community are welcomed and respected. To support our vision of Growing Excellence and Inspiring Success, we ensure that every student is supported and inspired to succeed in a culture of high expectations for learning.


Grand Erie is a School Board where diversity and equity are encouraged and inclusive education is essential. The presence of a wide range of human qualities and attributes within a group and the condition of fair and respectful treatment of all people are expected among all students, parents and staff members.


We envision an inclusive education system in Grand Erie District School Board in which equity and inclusive education:

  • is a foundation of excellence
  • meets individual needs
  • identifies and eliminates barriers
  • promotes a sense of belonging
  • involves the board community
  • builds on and enhances previous and existing initiatives
  • is demonstrated through the system


Download a copy of our Equity and Inclusive Education brochure

Our Policy

Grand Erie District School Board promotes the principles of equity and diversity. The Board strives to maintain a learning and working environment that supports fairness, justice and equality for its students, staff and community.  

The Board recognizes and values the diversity of race, colour, creed, sexual orientation and ethnicity within our communities.  Expressions of racial, religious or ethno cultural intolerance or bias in any form, will not be tolerated. 

Religious Accommodation

The Board is committed to ensuring that appropriate religious accommodations are developed collaboratively in an environment founded in trust and mutual respect.  As a principle of our system, the Board is committed to fairness and equity in religious practice. 

The Board identifies the following as possible areas for accommodation: 

  • Religious holy days and celebrations
  • Opening and closing exercises
  • Prayer
  • Dietary requirements
  • Fasting
  • Religious attire
  • Participation in daily activities and curriculum
  • Scheduling for religious leaves
  • Recruitment, job applications and succession planning

Equity and Inclusion Days of Significance

Grand Erie District School Board is dedicated to advancing a unified social vision for the communities within its jurisdiction that promotes equality, diversity and community. With an increasing diverse population throughout the Grand Erie district, staff, students and their families reflect a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

The Board’s Days of Significance is a collection of significant faith days, national or international days of observation, cultural days and commercial days.

By no means should this calendar be considered a complete list of significant faith days for each and every faith community. Instead, it is our hope that this calendar will be used to highlight days of significance that mirror events taking place in our schools and in the Grand Erie community.

To view the Days of Significance, click here.  

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