Storytelling with Green Screen

May 08th 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
JBLC-Joseph Brant Learning Centre - 347 Erie Ave. Brantfort

Storytelling with Green Screen

This hands-on workshop will focus on activities you can use in the classroom connected to the curriculum using a Green Screen

In this hands-on session we will investigate:

  • the Green Screen by Do Ink app for Apple devices
  • and, Windows tablet solutions

To register for this Walk-In Wednesday hands-on session go to PD Place, In Service ID 11793.
Note: You need to login to the Staff Portal prior to clicking on the In Service link above.

To help you prepare and become more familar with the tools we will be utilizing in this hands-on session we strongly suggest participants spend sometime with the preparation materials housed in the Ed Tech PLE (Professional Learning Environment).

For instructions on how to self register for the Ed Tech PLE click HERE

Once you have registered for the Ed Tech PLE navigate to the Walk-In Wednesdays widget on the PLE's homepage and select Storytelling with Green Screen to begin preparing for this hands-on session.