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Art comes to life at Walpole North Elementary School

Caption: Students at Walpole North ES brought famous works of art to life, including this work by Raphael walpole in the news.jpg

They say that life imitates art. Or does art imitate life? At Walpole North Elementary School recently, perhaps it was a little bit of both. 

In a hands-on activity that also enhanced knowledge and appreciation of art history, the school's Grade 8 class used a variety of materials to re-create well known portraits by famous artists. Working with media such as pastel, paint, pencil crayons, markers, and construction paper, the works of art were replicated, but with a unique twist. 

"The end goal was to literally bring these famous works to life, culminating in a 'living art' exhibition in the classroom," said Walpole North Principal Clara Anderson. "The face of each portrait was cut out in order for the student artist's face to fit within it." 

Hence the term living art.

The exhibit was put on for the primary division, and a gallery feel was achieved through dim lighting, spotlights, and calm, instrumental music. 

"It certainly helped us all look at art differently," said Anderson. "It was quite the experience!" 


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