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Cultivating a love of reading at Seneca Central PS

Caption: A parent volunteer works with a student to sound out wordsseneca.jpg

Seneca Central Public School is on a mission to instill its students with a love of books and reading. It’s doing so by working with technology and other resources, and building a community of support to turn beginner readers into lifelong bibliophiles. 

From enhancing levelled reading libraries to supporting struggling readers with individualized support to creating an atmosphere where reading is shared and celebrated, the school’s administration, staff, and volunteers have been working tirelessly to bring a variety of opportunities to the school.

“Staff and students participate in guided reading groups to share understanding and develop reading comprehension strategies, and levelled resources allow teachers and students to select just the right books,” said Seneca Central PS Principal Caitlin McVean. “This helps set students up for success.” 

In an age where technology is everywhere, Seneca Central’s teachers know how important it is for students to be able to access electronic resources. All classes at Seneca Central are using Kurzweil, an assistive technology program, to help students access online and print reading materials that might otherwise be above their reading levels. Staff and students are also accessing eBooks and educational websites to further promote reading and enhance classroom learning.

“During Black History Month, students were able to listen to eBooks as part of their research,” said McVean. “That allows students with different learning styles to still find that love of reading.” 

In addition to regular classroom reading programs, Seneca Central PS is fortunate to have a wonderful network of parent and grandparent volunteers who work with students to develop early reading strategies as well, creating a whole-community of support. 

By providing variety in how students access the printed word, Seneca Central PS is embracing Grand Erie’s motto of Success for Every Student, and unlocking potential by diversifying its strategies for reaching younger readers. 


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