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Branlyn Community School celebrates 100 days in style

Caption: Students at Branlyn Community School imagine what they'll look when they're 100 years old. 

100 days.JPG
There was a lot to celebrate in the month of February at Branlyn Community School. 

In additional to Valentine's Day, the Brantford school also ​decided to acknowledge the first 100 days of school. Students and staff got creative and celebrated with games, special snacks, and 100-themed learning activities. Primary classes got into the spirit of 100 by envisioning what they might look like when they're 100 years old, complete with wigs, wardrobe, and props. 

“One hundred consecutive days of anything is a big deal, especially if you are less than 100 months old,” said Mrs. Armstrong, a Grade 1 teacher at the school. "The day gave us all a unique perspective on the passage of time." 

Celebrating the 100th day of the school year has become a tradition for many schools, and presents a chance to center lessons, games, and activities around the number. For the Branlyn community, it was a memorable way to mark the milestone. 


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