Awards and Scholarships

Post-secondary education can be an expensive investment. We encourage our students to apply for awards and scholarships as they can help to offset some of the costs associated with funding a post-secondary education. Each year more than $15,000,000 in potential scholarships and awards go unclaimed. WDHS is committed to helping students find these financial opportunities. Please use the information in our website to help you to find some of these great opportunities.

As always if you have any further questions feel free to speak to members of our awards committee as they can help to guide you. Current members include:

  • Mrs. Chanyi
  • Mr. Winward
  • Ms. Dulmage
  • Ms. Swierniak

When a scholarship asks for a GPA of 3.0 or 4.0, what percentage mark is that?

Grade Point Average (GPA) is based on a 4 or 5 point scale. A 3.0 or a 4.0 is the same thing as getting a ‘B’ or an ‘A’, which means the scholarship administrator is seeking someone with an overall grade in the 80-90%+ range. There are a number of GPA calculators available on the internet. If you require further information about your scholarship eligibility, feel free to contact the scholarship administrator for more information.

When you're being considered for a scholarship that is based on your academic performance, will your summer school marks be considered along with your marks in day school?

For scholarships that consider academics, scholarship administrators are looking at your overall GPA. If your summer school marks are included in your GPA score, then yes, those marks will be considered when applying for scholarships. Some scholarships will require you to submit a transcript of your grades, which means that the scholarship administrator will be able to take all your courses into consideration. If you have more questions in relation to your scholarship eligibility, be sure to contact the scholarship administrator for details.

To Access the Awards please visit the WDHS Google site - it is compatible with ANY digital DEVICE!