Our kick-off assembly on May 3 highlighted some things to remember for our 2019 event. We welcomed Satina from the Heart & Stroke Foundation to share information about this important cause. We also had the privilege to watch some amazing skippers!

Last year we raised $2459.00 ... can we beat that goal this year? Let's try!!

Remember to get active to protect your heart and brain health. 1-2 hours of activity PER DAY is so important! Drinking enough water and decreasing screen time while increasing activity time are goals for ALL of us! By participating, we can also help the H&SF save lives of individuals of ALL ages.

If you suspect a stroke, act FAST:

F - FACE - is it drooping?

A - ARMS - can they raise both?

S - SPEECH - is is slurred or jumbled?

T - TIME - call 911 right away!

Fundraising forms and envelopes also went home on May 3. Check them out for the incentive prizes, including mini basketballs, an air-hover soccer disk, light-up scooters, action cameras and even a new bike!

Additionally for JLM, the classroom that fundraises the most will win a pizza party!

Remember, you can also donate online with bonus prizes at ( ). Bonus prizes include skipping ropes, gift cards, and more!

If you have any questions, please ask Mrs. Newell, our event co-ordinator.