Grand Erie Launches Mobile Parent App to Keep Families Informed

The Grand Erie District School Board is launching a new mobile app for parents and staff to serve as a hub of classroom and school-related information and updates for parents, all in one place.

The mobile parent app includes several features including up-to-date information about school news, event calendars, transportation schedules, delays and cancellations as well as access to school and Board social media channels. It also provides a way to make secure transactions through the School Cash Online feature, and links to the Parent Portal.

“The Grand Erie mobile parent app is a great way for families to stay connected with their child’s school and bundles together some of the most frequently requested information at their fingertips,” said Lisa Munro, Superintendent of Education responsible for Information Technology. With the app, parents have the option of which schools they wish to receive communication from by selecting one or more schools from the “Settings” icon.

“Ensuring timely news and announcements are delivered to parents and guardians efficiently is a priority in Grand Erie. Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan includes Technology and Community as key indicators, with a goal of providing secure and reliable learning environments and strengthen the connections between home and school to support family involvement in our schools and learning at home.” said JoAnna Roberto, Director of Education.

The app is free and available by searching Grand Erie or GEDSB in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

We are an Eco-School

Did you know our school is an eco-school? Well we are, and that means that our school is making efforts every day to stay green. Some of the things our energy efficiency group is doing include implementing eco-friendly browsers, starting lights out lunches every Monday and Friday, creating signs for lights and monitors, and adding important information to our school website about being eco-friendly. We're also having a fun sweater day where we’re lowering the temperature of the school by two degrees and we will all wear sweaters. We’re also adding Ecosia to all our browsers. Ecosia is a company that plants a tree for every forty-five searches on the internet. Students are also making fifteen signs and posting them around the school, to remind people to turn off lights and monitors. Sweater day will be held on the 29th of November, and the 16th and 17th of December. Remember to check the school website for more cool information about how we are going eco-friendly, and the steps to become a platinum school, and to watch a video about implementing eco-friendly habits. Always remember to stay green!


The Energy Efficiency Team of École Confédération