Student Showcase: Message of Kindness from Caledonia Centennial Students

Grand Erie’s Student Showcase provides an opportunity for the Board to highlight and celebrate some of the unique work being done by students throughout the system. On Monday night, students from Caledonia Centennial Public School shared a song they created with Trustees that is focused on the Equity Indicator of the Board’s Multi-Year Plan, Success for Every Student.

Not Just A Day, But A Way began in Teacher Jessica Roberts’ Grade 5 classroom in 2018-19 with the guidance and support of Suzie Miller, Indigenous Education Coach. During a community circle on Orange Shirt day, one student asked why there was only one day dedicated to recognizing anti-bullying efforts. This led to a discussion of the multiple days throughout the year that focus on certain causes. It was during this discussion that Not Just A Day, But A Way began.

The class wanted to raise awareness every day, not just on designated days, to encourage respect and kindness. With help from Suzie Miller, Math Coach Johanna Gordon, ESL Teacher Marcie McGeein, and recording artist Rob Lamothe, the class created a song to help spread their message. The song’s lyrics were written by the students, to spread the message to other students.

Click here to listen to the audio file

This year, Not Just A Day, But A Way has become a school-wide initiative, with the goal of spreading the message even farther. With a growing school community, Caledonia Centennial wants to encourage and empower everyone to embrace and celebrate our differences and treat each other with kindness each and every day. To listen to Not Just A Day, But A Way, click here:

Grand Erie’s Student Showcase supports the Board’s Multi-Year Plan and its goal of Success for Every Student.