BCI Laurier Program

The BCI-Laurier Program is a partnership between Laurier Brantford and Brantford Collegiate Institute which began in 1999. The mandate of the program is to provide enrichment for students in the area of Leadership, Teamwork and Presentation through a unique integration model. Students take academic level courses and work collaboratively with their peers in focused classes over the four years of high school. Surrounded by their academically-minded classmates, BCI-Laurier program students have the opportunity to develop confidence in their ability to lead, to be an effective member of a team, and to speak publicly to small and large groups; all extremely desirable skills in post-secondary and the world of work.

In order to develop leadership, presentation and teamwork skills, students in the Laurier program have the opportunity to work together in a variety of courses throughout high school. Designated “Laurier” courses, these feature integration among the subject areas as a key component of the program philosophy.

Students interested in gaining entrance to the program at the Grade 9 level will submit an application and take part in a selection process to determine whether their interests, skills and abilities would benefit from the Laurier Program. In addition, academic achievement of 75% average each subsequent year will also be expected of the student to remain in the Program.

Benefits of the Program

  • Work with other highly motivated, academic minded students.
  • Develop leadership, presentation and collaboration skills through the unique Laurier Focus component.
  • Prepare for the intensity of university studies, in any discipline.
  • Upon graduation, earn a unique certificate, endorsed by Wilfrid Laurier University - Laurier Brantford, recognizing the student’s participation in the program
  • Study in an integrated program with teachers committed to original and diverse learning strategies.
  • Establish individualized academic planning through Laurier mentorship for course selection and post secondary alternatives>
  • Take a first-year university course at Laurier Brantford while still attending high school

Important Dates and Forms

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Laurier Program 2022-2023 Application


Laurier Program 2022-2023 Application OUT OF BOARD APPLICANTS


What?  BCI’s Laurier Program – Parent Information Night

Date?  November 4, 2021

Time?  7 pm

Format?  Microsoft TEAMS Online

Any family that is interested in learning about BCI’s Laurier Program should email the Principal, Mr. Michael DeGroote at:   michael.degroote@granderie.ca

A link will be sent to you directly so that you may take part in the event on November 4.


Please Email:

  • Ms. K. Johnson-McGregor
    Laurier Program Director
  • Kate Johnson