Researching Programs and Applying to an Ontario College

To apply to an Ontario College students will apply through the Ontario College Application Service.

1. Create Your Account:

  • Click: “APPLY”…...”Sign Up” under “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT”
  • Click: “Sign Up” …..complete the form to set up your online account
  • Click: “I Agree to the Terms and Conditions” to create your account

2. Activate Your Account:

  • Retrieve the account activation email from the email address you provided.
  • Click on the link within the email to activate your account.

3. Log On and Complete “My Profile”:

  • Enter your username and password to enter your account.
  • Click “Get started with your College Application” – all sections of “My Profile” must be completed the first time.
  • Click “SAVE” to continue to the next step.

4. Apply to Programs

  • Click on the date you would like to start college (ie. September 2014)
  • Click on “Find a Program” to select and add a program to your application
  • Click “Select” to add the program to your application – make sure to choose the correct start date for your program
  • You may choose FIVE programs (no more than THREE at any one college)
  • We have already submitted a transcript for you electronically.

5. Payment

  • You will need to arrange to pay the application processing fee online with a credit or debit card
  • Print the Payment Summary for your records

Timelines for Application

Visit Ontario to keep track of important dates and updates.

As soon as possible
  • Grade 9, 10, 11 marks and grade 12 courses are electronically forwarded to OCAS for all possible college applicants
Beginning in November
  • Apply to college in the “How to Apply” section of the website
  • Semester 1 midterm grade 12 marks are electronically forwarded to OCAS for all possible college applicants
  • Semester 1 final marks forwarded electronically to OCAS
Late February
  • Semester 2 midterm marks forwarded electronically to OCAS
  • Semester 2 final marks forwarded electronically to OCAS


You must arrange for your new school to inform OCAS about the change of high school. This will ensure that your academic data is sent to OCAS.

What transcript information do Ontario Colleges use to determine if you will get an offer to a program?

Basically, an Ontario College requires you meet all graduation requirements and individual program requirements. Ontario Colleges do not require 6 U/M grade 12 courses. Included in your 30 high school credits, Ontario Colleges will require a minimum of a grade 12 college English and some programs may require specific grade 11 or 12 courses. If you have a question about program requirements you should contact the Ontario College directing by calling or e-mailing their Admission Office. This information is on each College website.

Additional Information and Resources:

Ontario College Information Fair @ the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place