Tollgate teachers are committed to providing quality instruction that enables all students to learn and succeed. They are highly trained in their subject matter and pride themselves on creating fun and challenging lessons.

Being a part of a small school community, teachers at Tollgate regularly collaborate with each other to find ways to reach every student. They are kind, respectful and accommodating to every student who enters their classroom.

They are innovative in their delivery of the curriculum and methods of evaluation. They provide ongoing feedback to students to help them improve their understanding and skills. Parents and guardians can rest assured that every student at Tollgate receives a well-rounded education by teachers who truly care.

Staff Directory




B. Quistberg 273001
J. Young 273002

Office Staff

S. Drewanz 273003
D. Clark

School Nurse

E. Berefo/S. Titmus

Attendance Counselor

Kelly Lee

Child/Youth Worker

Lori Pollard

Food Techs

J. Woodward 273260
R. Rockefeller 273259


R. Francis-Grinton 273099
D. Anthony
D. Smithers
J. Smithers

EA/Library Tech

D. Armstrong 273202
J. Campbell 273200
S. Davis 273209
J. Dethridge 273248
R. Elsliger 273214
K. Gratton
H. Johnson 273220
B. Kivinen 273224
J. MacDonald 273227
J. MacGregor 273228
C. Oldershaw 273270
T. Robbins 273240
B. Swanson 273244




S. Ard 273201
C. Breberina 273208
M. Browne 273204
E. Bonham 273222
D. Campbell 273205
T. Carter 273264
P. Clugston 273210
E. Czech 273219
M. DeSylva 273246
J. Dinsmore 273203
S. Downey 273025
S. Dulmage 273267
A. Dyment 273212
M. Edwards 273267
T. Fordham 273213
B. Franklin 273268
K. Geerlings 273231
S. Granby 273217
P. Greenhalgh 273207
J. Hines 273237
L. Houle 273250
B. Jarvis 273233
R. Johnson 273221
D. Kenwell 273006
J. Klunder 273225
A. Kleiner
M. Mannen 273253
B. McMIllan
W. Nicholls 273273
K. O'Grady 273245
P. O'Halloran 273235
G. Revai 273236
R. Rooke 273251
R. Runhart 273241
M. Soster
D. Sebire 273242
D. Shaver 273243
M. Szostak-Tappen 273272
J. Tollar 273255
B. Van De Slyke 273223
H. Vogt 273252
S. Wilson 273249