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FEB 11, 2015
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FEB 9, 2015
An SHSM allows students to customize their high school experience to fit career interests. Offered in grade 11 and 12, an SHSM allows students to receive a specialized high school diploma that is recognized in economic various sectors in all four pathways.
APR 27, 2014
Check out the new Ontario College of Trades
APR 27, 2014
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Parent/Teacher Interviews
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Easter Holidays
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Easter Holidays
All Day
Easter Holidays
All Day
Easter Holidays
All Day
Jr. Badminton Tournament
All Day
Sr. Badminton Tournament
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Term 2, Semester 2 Starts
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What's Happening
​On Thursday March 26th, grade 10 students and any others who have recieved approval, will write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. Only those writting the test are required to come to school on that morning. This literacy component is a requirement of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. TTSC  and the TTSC Literacy committee is commited to helping our students achieve this component, either through the OSSLT or the Ontario Literacy Course. Any Questions or concerns about the OSSL...
March 24, 2015

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