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 Attention Needed


Welcome to Education Week!

Our focus this year, 'Achieving Excellence - Promoting Well-Being'

Here at Teeteville, this week looks like:

  1. Monday - Assembly - 2:30 - Pie in the Face
  2. Tuesday - Chalk Talk 
  3. Wednesday - Talent Show, Kindergarten Orientation 5:30 - 6:30 
  4. Thursday - SAIDAT here for the entire day with our students  and then be sure to attend our 'Open House/Barbecue and Presentation by SAIDAT for our Parents'
  5. Friday - ROAR for Fitness

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Open House!






School Community Information
Teeterville Public School (Elementary School)
229 Teeter Street
Teeterville, ON
N0E 1S0
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School Contacts
Phone: (519)443-8447 x 519000
Family of Schools: Norfolk Elementary
Julie Lumax
229 Teeter Street
Teeterville, ON
N0E 1S0
(519)443-8447 x 519000
School Secretary:
Karen Csoff
229 Teeter Street
Teeterville, ON
N0E 1S0
(519)443-8447 x 519000
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What's Happening
​As part of our Healthy Schools Initiative, every student in our school will be taking part in our Roar for Fitness - 7 week project. Each class will travel to the gym at a specific time to work with our certified fitness trainers on various tasks.  The culminating event, 'Teeterville Fit-a-thon' will take place in June - date to be determined. We are working on being much more mindful of our total 'well being' which ties into our board's, 'Be Well ' campaign.  We have also introduced our 2 o'c...
April 07, 2016

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