The Canadian and World Studies Department (Geography and History) at SCS provides students with a dynamic and engaging experience in a range of subject areas and interests. In addition, our programs are offered for all grade and ability levels, in every school year, giving students a wide variety of options.

Students at SCS are required to study the Geography of Canada in grade nine at either the academic, applied or locally developed level. Our students have the opportunity to take a variety of courses at various levels of study in grade 11 and 12. These courses include Grade 11 Travel and Tourism and Grade 12 World Issues. Through these classes students have the opportunity to visit the Long Point Bird Banding Station, Long Point Eco-Adventures and other areas of geographical significance.

Students are required to take Canadian history in grade 10 at either the applied, academic or locally developed level. Students must also take the half credit course of Civics in grade ten. After grade ten, there are a variety of classes to take from the History program at SCS. In grade 11, students may take an introductory course in Canadian Law, American History, or the Study of Ancient Civilizations. Grade 12 courses include Politics, Canadian History, Modern Western Civilization, and Law. For those interested in other Social Sciences, we offer three courses within the Family Studies Department: World Religions and Introduction to the Social Sciences at the Individual and Societal Levels. Through these class students may have the opportunity to visit the Royal Ontario Museum, Local Museums and areas of interest and meet with guest speakers such as local War of 1812 Historical re-enactors.

Many of our students have won local and provincial awards through either the Great Canadian Geography Challenge, or the Begbie National History Contest.

We are pleased to be able to offer the students of Simcoe Composite School a complete education package and are very proud of all our student’s achievements!