Our School Philosophy

The staff of Oakland-Scotland School is dedicated to the development of the whole child. We believe it is our responsibility to provide all children with an opportunity to develop into respectful, caring and educated citizens of the world. It is our belief that each child is special, unique and deserves our best interests. The Oakland-Scotland community can expect that the entire staff will work with parents and children to ensure that our future citizens can make a positive contribution to society.


At Oakland-Scotland School unacceptable behavior includes:

  • Behaviours that infringe on the physical or mental well-being of students, staff and/or community members
  • Bullying, physical, verbal or sexual abuse
  • Discrimination based on race, culture, religion, gender, language or disability
  • Damage to any school property, school buses and property of others
  • Interference in the rights of other students to a high quality education
  • Possession or use of weapons, prohibited materials and/or substances

Options for school action may include...

  • counseling
  • problem solving sheet with action
  • peer mediation
  • time out
  • parental contact and involvement
  • referral to in-school and resource teams
  • restitution
  • behaviour contract, detention
  • withdrawal of privileges (special events)
  • withdrawal from co-curricular program(s)
  • in-school suspension
  • suspension from school
  • contact with law enforcement officers
  • involvement of outside agencies and/or programs

Any corrective actions will depend upon the severity and ongoing nature of the problem. In all cases, the welfare of both the student and the school community will be considered.

Student Dress

Students are not to wear clothing:

  • that displays offensive language, negative slogans or promotes violence or harassment against gender, racial or cultural groups, alcohol or drug advertising
  • that shows midriff, or underwear (including bra straps)
  • that have spaghetti or single straps (the three-finger wide rule should apply here)
  • such as short shorts, short skirts (should be no less than 10 cm above the knee cap)
  • hats are not to be worn in the school or in class Students will be required to change or cover up if they are inappropriately dressed.

More information can be found in the Student Handbook in your child's agenda.


All visitors to the school must check in at the office and receive a Visitor tag if they are going to be in the school. Visitors include everyone or anyone that is not an Oakland-Scotland staff member or student. In order to reduce interruption in classrooms and to support student safety, all visitors are asked to refrain from entering the school and going to classrooms, etc.

Book Donations

If you have any gently used books, especially current titles, that are collecting dust, please feel free to drop them off at the school and we will gladly add them to our library collection for students to enjoy reading for many years to come.

Balanced Day Schedule

8:30 am Supervision begins on school yard.

Please do not sent children prior to this time for their own safety.

8:48 am First Bell rings to line up

8:50 am Entry Bell rings - Period 1

9:40 am Period 2

10:30-11:10am Recess (20 min) followed by NUTRITION BREAK (20 min)

11:10 am Period 3

12:00 pm Period 4

12:50 pm-1:30 pm Recess (20 min) followed by NUTRITION BREAK (20 min)

1:30 pm Period 5

2:30 pm Period 6

3:10 pm Dismissal

Educational Links and Resources

Internet Safety

Parents, please check out this web site regarding safe use of the internet. There is a section for parents, as well as teachers. Internet safety is of the utmost importance!

Supporting your Child's Learning

Ontario Ministry of Education information about report cards and a booklet entitled Supporting your Child's Learning through Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting.

Brant County Health Unit

Access the Brant County Health Unit to search for information on communicable diseases, immunization clinics, healthy eating and much, much more!

Brant County Library

The Brant County Library has many exciting opportunities for learning and fun. Check them out at

County of Brant Recreation Services

The County of Brant has specific services for recreation as well as licensing and health.

School Library

Online access to the school library catalogue.

Virtual Math Manipulatives

Have your child practice their math while on-line! Visit the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.


Online access to Raz-Kids reading program. Please login to the site with the information sent home by your child(ren)'s classroom teacher(s)


Online access to the Prodigy math games program. Please login to the site with the information sent home by your child(ren)'s classroom teacher(s)


Online access to Sumdog math games program. Please login to the site with the information sent home by your child(ren)'s classroom teacher(s)


Online access to free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web


Online access to PBSkids games

Discovery Kids

Online access to Discovery Kids educational games and research


Online access to free educational games, online books, and comics. Funbrain, created for kids ages preschool through grade 8, offers more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math, reading, and literacy.