Grand Erie celebrates Success for Every Student

Grand Erie District School Board is welcoming students back to school with a focus on student success and recognition.

The Grand Erie Student Recognition Program acknowledges students who have accomplished excellence in the areas of academics, athletics, and the arts, as well as excellence in the community.

“We are really proud of our students and what they can accomplish,” said David Dean, Chair of the Board. “It’s an honour to recognize their success through our student recognition program.”

Launched in February 2016, 17 individual students and groups from all areas of the district have been recognized formally by the Board of Trustees for their varying successes and achievements.

Among the recipients recognized include a brother and sister who won titles at the American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Championships, three students who danced on stage with Cirque De Soleil at the Pan Am Games, and a group of students who earned their Diplôme D`études en Langue Française.

Students are celebrated at the monthly Regular Board Meetings. Nominations are submitted by school staff and accepted all year.Student recognition is aligned with the launch of Grand Erie’s new 2016-2020 Multi-Year Plan. The Board of Trustees approved a new strategic direction to guide the work of the Board with the goal of Success for Every Student. The goal will be achieved through a focus on students and staff in a culture of high expectations.

“Success looks different for everyone and is demonstrated in our schools each day,” said Brenda Blancher, Director of Education. “As students strive to reach his or her desired purpose, we look forward to creating the conditions for them to succeed and celebrate their stories of success.”

For more information about the Student Recognition Program and the Success for Every Student Multi-Year Plan, visit

Remembrance Day at Lynndale Heights 2015

On November 11 every year we celebrate the amazing tradition at Lynndale for Remembrance day. We remember the sacrifice and the hope from the war. This year’s ceremony made the Lynndale students, teachers, and friends proud as we do every year. With the truly moving drama to the beautiful sung songs, from the speeches to the music played, this ceremony will always be an honour to those who lay down in Flanders Fields.

To begin the ceremony, two grade 8 students, Bennet Rustan and Nathan DeMontfort, talked about the war and introduced the playing of O Canada, which was played on piano by grade 8 student Victor Rustan. Every one sang their hearts out to O Canada. It was full of passion and love from everyone.

After that, Bennet and Nathan talked more about the war and announced up the Kindergarten classes to sing The Poppy Song.

The kindergartens had poppies made out of paper. The Kindergartens sung their hearts out and you could see it. All the kids tried and it was very nice. The next thing after the Kindergartens was another song sung by the grade 2/3 classes, “See the Poppies.” All the kids had actions that matched the lyrics. The two classes that sung the song went into two groups on both sides of the front of the gym. One group would sing a line then the other group would repeat the song.

After that, Bennet and Nathan began to talk about the History of Remembrance Day. They did a very good job and were inspiring to all. They told us about how Remembrance Day started and how we hope there will be peace one day in the world.

Once they were done, the grade 1 and 1/2 classes read the poem, “Peace is Not.” It was about how people can make a difference and how peace is not a big thing or word. It starts with us in our hearts. Next was 6 poems written by 8 people in the grade 6/7 class. The poems that were written were all made into drama acts that were filmed. The poems were written by Conner Koskela, Bailey Pinkney, Zack Dickson, Elizabeth Gee, Brayden Murphy with Mackenzie Synder also with Perdo Muniz, and Lauren Brown.

When the video ended, the reading of “In Flanders Fields” was read by grade 5 Connor VanNatter and Evan Pond.They read and spoke very well. Once it had finished, there was an outstanding drama production by Grade 8 students. They performed to the song “You Raise Me Up” in the background of the play. It was about how a man who had to leave his family to fight in the war and sadly died in the end.

Next, two students from each class to took up a wreath that was made by the class. The wreath looked very nice, a good job done by all the classes. While the laying of the wreath was happening, a junior choir sang to accompany the moment.

Before we ended this ceremony, we heard the traditional song (Last Post) played on the trumpet by Mrs. Reid for our moment of silence. We have Mrs. Reid do this song every year and it is and will always be great. It will always represent the pride of Lynndale School.

As we finished we heard a sound track of the song Beautiful Life by Beckon,that was played on the harmonica by the grade 2,3,4,5. They played the chorus of the song 2 times.

That concluded the ceremony.This was truly a proud day for Lynndale and Canada.

Written by Bailey Pinkney (Grade 7 Student at Lynndale)

Numeracy Improvement at Lynndale

The teachers at Lynndale having been working together to improve students' mathematics achievment at Lynndale. As part of the school improvement plan, Lynndale teachers are continually striving to improve their mathematics instruction, in order to meet the needs of all students.