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Mad Science, the world’s leading provider of educational and entertaining science programs for children is coming to J L Mitchener Public School! They will be getting kids excited about science with fun, entertaining and exciting activities and demonstrations.

Students and teachers were thrilled at the September assembly when Mad Science came to the school to do a Spectacular Science show.

The Club is a 4-week science enrichment program offered to the students. Students who join the Science Club will go on a voyage of discovery designed to support the Ontario Science and Technology curriculum. The topics will be different this year than when Mad Science was last at the school.

The Club will take place on Tuesday, Sep 26 (skip Oct 3) Oct 10, 17, 24 from 10:50 AM - 11:30 AM.



• Two 1 litre plastic pop bottles

• Scissors

• Optional: Coloured construction paper

• Masking tape

• Ribbons

• Two plastic ring six pack holders

• Two 2.4 metre strings • An adult helper

1. Ask your adult helper to cut the bottoms off of the two plastic pop bottles.

2. Fit the bottles together so there is a neck on either end. Tape the bottles together to form a football shape.

3. Cover the bottles with construction paper and ribbon if you want to decorate your zoom ball.

5. Take the six-pack holders and cut the rings apart to make four two-loop handles.

4. Thread the two strings through the bottles. 6. Tie a set of handles to the ends of each string.

7. Get at friend and you are ready to play. Each player holds onto two handles and pulls on the strings until they are tight. Slide the zoom ball to one end. When it is at your end snap your hands apart to send the zoom ball back to your friend. To catch the zoom ball, keep your hands together.


The pushing action of the strings sets the zoom ball in motion. When the zoom ball reaches the other end of the strings, an opposite pushing action, your friend snapping the strings, stops the ball for a moment and then sends it in the reverse direction.