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Student Handbook

Please take time to read the information below which has been prepared to provide you with some important information about our school. Since we now share responsibility for your child's education, it is important that you understand a bit about the operation of our school. If you have any questions about this handbook or about our program, do not hesitate to call the school. (905-768-3012)


Hagersville Elementary School is a character friendly school. To that end, activities that promote specific character attributes that help students develop positive, responsible, and respectful pro-social behaviours are discussed and practiced each month. These character attribute are also the GEDSB Values. Check monthly newsletters for the character attribute of the month.


What is Tribes? Tribes is a democratic group process. The outcome of the Tribes process is to develop a positive environment that promotes human growth and learning. At Hagersville Elementary, students and staff live by the following 4 Tribes Agreements:

Mutual Respect

Attentive Listening

Appreciations/No Put Downs

The Right to Participate

When staff and students practice the 4 Tribes Agreements, a positive school climate is built. Using the Tribes process to set the tone and culture of the school helps to foster and encourage the monthly Character Attributes/GEDSB Values.


Ongoing and positive communication with families is a priority at Hagersville Elementary School.

Families will receive news about the school and their child via the school website, personal interviews, telephone calls, newsletters and occasional letters. Some staff members will also communicate by email or social media sites.


Parkview Road and Main Street are extremely busy roadways. A crossing guard is on duty before school begins, during lunch time and after school. Students MUST cross in the crossing area and always obey the crossing guard.


8:05 A.M. - 8:45 A.M.

12:55 P.M. - 1:45 P.M.

2:55 P.M. - 3:35 P.M.


Early buses will be dismissed from class at 2:55 p.m. All other students will be dismissed at 3:05 p.m. from their classrooms. Kindergarten B students will dismiss out the middle doors near the portables. Kindergarten A and primary students will dismiss out the end doors. The rest of the junior students and the intermediate students will dismiss out the back doors.


Everyone at Hagersville Elementary is expected to be clean in their appearance. Styles of clothing will vary but presenting oneself in a positive manner befitting a public workplace should be the guideline. Questionable wording and pictures on clothing are not acceptable. Undergarments should not be visible and pajamas are not allowed. Hats, hoods and other head gear are not to be worn in the school building.

Since weather is quite changeable in the spring and fall, you are urged to check the weather in the morning and send your child in clothing which will keep him/her warm and dry. Each day, students will be outside for two 20 minute recesses. During the warm weather it is more comfortable to wear shorts. This is acceptable if the shorts are approaching knee length. Wearing "Cut offs", short shorts, tank tops, halter tops and other revealing clothing is not acceptable (use the three finger rule for shoulder straps).


Students are able to bring personal electronic devices to school and must abide by the Personal Electronic Device Contract which is based on the GEDSB Code of Digital Citizenship. We continue to ask that cell phones DO NOT be brought to school. If your child needs to call home they will be directed to the office to do so. Hagersville Elementary School is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of personal electronic devices brought to school.


Hagersville Elementary School promotes the principles of equity and inclusive education. At HES we value the diversity of ancestry, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, language, physical and intellectual ability, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. At Hagersville Elementary we believe in fair, inclusive and respectful treatment of all people, and strive to base our educational decisions on the principles of acceptance and inclusion of all students. We do not tolerate put-downs based on race, culture, intellectual ability, sexual orientation, etc, as using this type of language as a put-down is offensive. We do not condone discriminatory or homophobic language at our school because put-downs against any minority group are not to be tolerated.


Students will be taken to Hagersville Secondary School in an emergency which requires the evacuation of the whole school. Parents will be notified by phone.


Students will have the opportunity to receive an enjoyable and rewarding year of education. To help this happen, students are expected to attend class promptly, be prepared for class, act in a responsible and respectful manner while at school, participate in the many special activities and events and faithfully complete their work. Any student accomplishing these expectations is guaranteed a successful year.


During the year, many opportunities will be available for students to participate in activities, intramural team games, school teams and major events. Students will enjoy the year much more and gain a great deal by participating whenever possible.


Hagersville Elementary School is on a five day cycle. This may cause some difficulties remembering to bring materials - especially for Art and Phys. Ed. A copy of the school year calendar showing the five day cycle will be sent home with students. Please keep it in a convenient place and refer to it frequently.


The signal for the fire drill is a ringing of the fire bell and flashing lights. Fire drill instructions are posted in each room. The teacher will direct the class to leave the room quickly by the route indicated in the instructions. Books, pencils, paper and other items will not be taken along. The first two students reaching each exit will hold the doors open until the last students are out, then close them. Students are to move quickly, orderly and quietly so instructions can be heard.


There is no place for gum at Hagersville Elementary School. Leaving gum at home is appreciated by custodial and teaching staff.


Students in all grades are expected to complete and hand in all school assignments in a timely fashion to the best of his/her ability. In grades 7 and 8 especially there is a lot of work to do, so all students should do from 1/2 to 1 hour of work every night.

The following Study Hints might help.

  1. Have a regular time and place to do your work.
  2. Have quiet surroundings with no interruptions.
  3. Have the light shining over your left shoulder.
  4. Begin with your weakest subject.
  5. Have confidence in your ability.


The school library is for your use and enjoyment. Take time to learn and understand its arrangement. When you sign your name on a book card, you are responsible for the book’s return in good condition. Check the book before you leave the library, and if it needs repair, ask to have it done then, not when you return it. Books lost must be paid for. If a book is marked on the spine or on the card with R (reference) or TR (teacher reference), it is to be used in the library. Reference books are not be taken from the library unless a teacher requests a volume for class use. In this case, leave a note on the desk on which you will record the name and number of the book as well as the name of the teacher requiring it. Any book you sign out is your financial responsibility. If it is not returned you will be charged for replacement.


There are four zones in the Grand Erie District School Board. Hagersville Elementary School is in ZONE 2. School names will not be part of the announcement on the radio stations, only the zone affected by the weather will be announced. It is important we remember that we are ZONE 2. When transportation is cancelled in ZONE 2 Hagersville Elementary School is CLOSED for ALL students. These are the radio stations that will broadcast the announcement: 820 CHAM AM (Hamilton), 900 CHML AM (Hamilton), 1150 CKOC AM (Hamilton), 91.7 FM (Niagara), 92.1 CKPC FM (Brantford), 98.9 FM (Simcoe) and Y95 FM (Brantford). You can also access transportation information online by clicking here.


Hagersville Elementary School has Full Day Kindergarten for students in both junior and senior kindergarten. A copy of the school year calendar for Kindergarten will be sent home with students. Please keep it in a convenient place and refer to it frequently.


Complete information on the Accident Insurance will be given to each student early in September. Participation in this insurance is voluntary. Parents wishing to purchase insurance should complete the form and send it directly to the insurance company.


The Education Act requires that students attend class and be punctual. Attendance is also an important factor in student success at school. Too many missed days may lead to incomplete work, poor understanding and possible failure. If your child will be absent or late, please call the school as soon as possible to let us know or leave a message (message machine is on 24 hours each day).

Attendance letters will be mailed out to families of students who have missed more than 15 days of school.


Certificates will be part of the awards for students from JK to grade 7. As well, a number of individual plaques are awarded each year in the grade 8 class. Recognition for achievement and effort are both important aspects of life at Hagersville Elementary School.


Bicycles must be parked in the bicycle rack and should be locked. To ensure the safety of students’ bicycles, skateboards, scooters and roller blades may not be ridden on school property. Bicycle helmets must be worn by all students who ride bicycles to and from school.


Every school day, many of our students travel to and from school on a school bus. Their well-being and safety is a major concern to all of us. In order to provide a safe environment in which your child is transported, the following regulations and expectation are issued.

1. Every child is responsible for his/her behaviour on a school bus.

2. When conduct becomes disruptive to the safe operation of the school bus, the bus driver is obligated to bring the child to the principal of his/her school for disciplinary action.

Riding on a school bus is a privilege, not a right. Improper conduct may result in the withdrawal of this privilege. We must ensure the safety of all students while riding the bus and the behaviour of the students must not infringe on this safety. The Board’s and School’s Discipline policies remain in effect on the bus.

NOTE: The principal is responsible for the students while travelling on a bus that is owned by a board or on a bus that is under contract to a board.

The Principal of the School which a student attends is responsible for the student from the time of entering the bus until let off at a designated location (ON. Reg. 617/81). This responsibility includes the safety of the children and any disciplinary action considered necessary. Infractions of the rules are to be reported by the driver of the bus to the Principal at the earliest possible time. The Education Act gives the authority to the Principal to revoke the privilege. The Principal must notify the parents or legal guardian and bus driver (operator) of any suspension before the suspension takes place. (Administrative Procedure FT104)

The bus driver is in charge of his/her bus. Students have a direct responsibility to obey the driver.

Students are expected to follow the following rules:

a) be at their bus pick up location prior to the arrival of the bus.

b) be certain that the road is clear and traffic is stopped before crossing.

c) cross at least 3 metres from the front of the bus

d) be picked up and dropped off only at designated stops.

e) remain seated while the bus is in motion.

f) keep the centre aisle of the bus clear at all times.

g) keep complete body inside bus at all times.

h) weapons, any illegal substances or animals are not allowed on the bus.

i) profane, abusive, threatening or disrespectful language and/or behaviour towards anyone on the bus, on the street, while waiting in bus areas, while riding the bus or when boarding or disembarking will not be tolerated.

j) eating, drinking or smoking on the bus is not permitted.

k) respect the bus property. Repair of damage is the responsibility of student and/or family.

l) board or disembark from the bus at transfer points when directed by a supervising staff member or bus driver.

m) respect and respond appropriately to the directions of any and all supervising staff or the bus driver at all times.

n) abide by the directions of safety patrollers.

o) ride only on the designated bus / bus route.

p) sit in designated seats when requested by staff or drivers.

q) respect each other on the bus at all times. Bullying behaviour will not be tolerated.


a) Parents are responsible for having their child(ren) at the place of pickup when the bus arrives in the morning. In the interest of all the children who are on time, the drive will not wait for any student who is not at the place of pickup. When parents need to pick up students, they should be picked up at their home school. Not at a transfer point.

b) In accordance with established Board policy, transportation services cannot be provided for custom services such as different addresses on different days or short term changes. To assist families that require before and after school care, transportation may be arranged from one address in the morning and a different address in the afternoon provided it is a consistent arrangement.

c) Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children prior to their pick-up and after leaving the bus at the end of the day.

d) Parents should impress upon their children the need for good behaviour and observance of safety precautions while riding the bus.

e) Parents are required to assist any student who requires assistance getting on and off the bus at his/her home stop.

f) Parents are responsible to monitor the GEDSB website and/or radio stations to make sure buses are running and schools are open. Announcements are made over the following radio stations. 820 CHAM AM (Hamilton), 900 CHML AM (Hamilton), 1150 CKOC AM (Hamilton), 91.7 FM (Niagara), 92.1 CKPC FM (Brantford), 98.9 FM (Simcoe) and Y95 FM (Brantford).

g) When buses are running, parents have the right to make the final decision in sending children to school during inclement weather.

h) Parents are responsible for damages incurred by their children.

i) Parents are not to allow their students to bring pets on the bus.

j) Parents who become aware of a serious bus problem are encouraged to communicate with the school authorities as soon as possible about the problem.


Each student is required to return a completed Student Information sheet. This information is used to update our records and assist us in contacting parents when necessary. Please return this form right away. If there is a change of address, telephone number or emergency contact person during the year, please call us (905-768-3012) or send a note with your child - our records must be kept up-to-date.


All schools in the GEDSB, as part of a safe schools plan, must develop lock down procedures. These procedures will be practiced in the fall and spring of each school year. Lock down drills will be conducted in a manner that will not unduly upset younger children.


Each year several items of value are lost or misplaced. To prevent this from occurring you are asked to label your possessions and refrain from bringing valuable items to school. Students who do bring items of value do so at their own expense. Lost and found articles will be stored for a short time. If they remain unclaimed, they will be given to charity.


Students have a twenty minute period each day to eat lunch. Before lunch, the students will have 20 minutes to play outdoors. Students who ride a bus must remain at school for the lunch time. They are not permitted to leave the playground. Students who walk to school may bring a lunch or go home for lunch. Any change must be accompanied by a note. Only intermediate students (grade 7 and 8) are permitted to "go up town for lunch" one time per month if a letter of permission (from their parents/guardians) is brought ahead of this time. The students can leave for lunch at the beginning of the second recess break after they sign out at the office. Students must return promptly from their lunch breaks off school property. Failure to return to school on time may lead to suspension of the privilege of “going up town for lunch”.


Milk will be offered again this year starting October 2nd. Milk will be sold during afternoon break. The cost is $0.75 each.


The driveway at the school is inaccessible to parents by vehicle between 8:20 - 8:50 a.m. and 2:40 - 3:20 p.m. as we are unloading and loading buses during those times. This is also a designated fire route which must be kept clear for emergency vehicles. Please park along the road way in front of the school in order to drop off or pick up your child.


Hagersville Elementary is a peanut/nut free school. Currently we have students and staff who can experience severe allergic reactions to peanut/nut or peanut/nut products. In order to be an inclusive and equitable environment for all, we are requesting that you refrain from sending your child to school with peanut/nut products.


All students are expected to participate in all aspects of the Physical Education program. All students are also expected to have proper clothing for all physical education classes. This will include shorts, running shoes and a suitable top.


This time is to be used as a break from the classroom. You must leave as a class, use the washroom and then go directly outside (weather permitting). Food must be eaten during the nutrition breaks and not outside at recess.


For all students in grades K to 8, interim progress reports will be sent home on November 13th. Parent interviews will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for families on the GEDSB Family Interview dates are the evening of November 16 and the morning of November 17.

Report cards will be sent home on February 15th to report on your child's progress in Term 1 (Sept.-Jan.) and on June 25th to report on your child's progress in Term 2 (Feb.-June). Information in progress and term reports should be viewed as an assessment of your child’s individual progress. Parents are encouraged to call the teacher and/or office at any time regarding their child's progress, and an interview will be arranged.

Kindergarten reporting procedures are outlined in a separate brochure provided to all families with students enrolled in junior or senior Kindergarten. Parents are urged to contact the school if they have concerns about their child's progress, behaviour or well-being. SCHOOL PHONE NUMBER 905-768-3012


Grand Erie District School Board has implemented the Safe Welcome Program within all of its elementary schools. Hagersville Elementary received security equipment installations during the first weeks of September. Parents can now expect that all entrances to the school will be kept locked during the school day (8:30-3:15). Closed circuit television and controlled access buzzers have been installed.

To access the school during school hours you will be required to buzz the office and a staff member will provide you access to the school. Please report to the office to sign in and get a visitor tag before visiting other areas of the school.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have full time clerical support in the office at all break times at Hagersville Elementary. As a result, access to the school will not be available at the following times:

Mondays - 10:45-11:25, 1:05-1:45

Wednesdays - 1:05-1:45

Thursdays - 10:45-11:25, 1:05-1:45

If you require access to the school on any of these days at this time, please call ahead so that we can arrange to have someone available to buzz you in (905-768-3012).


If a child becomes ill at school, we will attempt to notify the parents/guardians (or the emergency name and number supplied) as soon as possible. All children who are ill should remain home for their own health as well as the health of others. There seldom should be notes requesting that students remain indoors. Most who are well enough to attend would benefit from the fresh air.

Injuries do happen. In most cases they are minor and can be remedied through the "magic" of our First Aid supply. If, however, the injury appears to need medical attention, we will notify the parent or guardian as quickly as possible.


When a student arrives late, he/she must go to the office to see the secretary to sign in. A late slip will be given which is to be handed to the home room teacher. Students leaving early must go to the office and see the secretary to sign out.


The highlight of a school year for many children centres on the special events which occur. This year we hope to offer a variety of events which will be both enjoyable and meaningful. On several occasions, parents will be invited to attend. Notices will be issued throughout the year making you aware of these happenings.


Pictures of individuals and classes are taken in the fall. The photo date for 2017 school year is Friday, September 22nd.The school photo service provided to parents and purchase is strictly optional. Please read your options carefully.


  • To attend school prepared, on time and ready to learn,
  • To show respect for themselves, others and to those in authority,
  • To refrain from bringing anything to school that may compromise the safety of others,
  • To follow established rules and take responsibility for their actions.
  • To accept consequences for behaviour.


  • To form a partnership with school staff in supporting education,
  • To show an active interest in their child’’s school work and progress,
  • To communicate regularly with school personnel,
  • To help their child be neat, appropriately dressed and prepared for school,
  • To ensure their child attends school regularly and on time,
  • To promptly report to the school their child’s absence or late arrival and any changes in student information,
  • To become familiar with the Code of Conduct and school rules, and assist their child in following these rules of behaviour,
  • To assist school staff in dealing with disciplinary issues

Hagersville Elementary School CODE OF CONDUCT

Hagersville Elementary School employs several proactive strategies to build a positive, safe, inclusive and accepting school environment. However, there are times when students make poor choices and may create an unsafe school environment for themselves or others in the school community. When this happens, Hagersville Elementary School takes a Progressive Discipline Approach to promote positive student behaviour. Progressive discipline is a whole school approach that utilizes a continuum of interventions, supports and consequences that include opportunities for reinforcing positive behaviour while helping students make good choices. A progressive discipline approach includes:

  • intervention strategies
  • addressing inappropriate behaviour
  • opportunities for students to learn from choices

Strategies employed at Hagersville Elementary in the Progressive Discipline approach are the use of the Tribes process, Restorative Practices and the Homework Room.


The breaking of an expectation that involves any of the following will be considered a MAJOR OFFENCE to be handled through the steps outlined in the CONSEQUENCES section.

  1. Defiance of authority (i.e., custodian, secretary, teacher, educational assistant, early childhood educator, child care worker or principal)
  2. Assault, harassment,
  3. Bullying and/or intimidation
  4. Disrespectful or abusive verbal and/or body language
  5. Vandalism or theft.
  6. Repeated minor offences.
  7. Displaying literature presentations which promote violence against racial or cultural groups.
  8. Intoxication.
  9. Possession of alcohol, cigarettes, matches, lighters, pornography or any other prohibited item.




Handled by the staff member on the spot. Records will be kept by the teacher. Parent contact is optional. Consequences may range from a verbal warning to short term loss of privileges at the discretion of the teacher and/or principal.



Twenty minute referral to the Homework Room to write out a Reflection Sheet describing the misbehaviour and subsequent strategies to overcome the problem. Parents are informed and an interview will be arranged if requested. The Reflection Sheet is filed with the principal.


Forty minute referral to the Homework Room to complete a new Reflection Sheet. Parents are informed and a parent interview with the child present for all or part may be requested. The support of the Board’s youth counsellor may be requested.


If a child reaches a third office referral, OR a major offence is viewed as serious enough, a suspension out-of-school will be invoked (1-3 days). A supportive Action Plan will be established outlining expected behaviour upon return to school and plans to achieve success.


If a child continues to make poor choices, he/she may receive a long-term suspension from school (6-19 days). A meeting between principal, teachers and other appropriate resource people will be held to help determine the best course of action upon the student’s return to school. Involvement of the Board Safe School Team is mandatory.

Note: Major offences may proceed directly to Step 4 or 5 at the discretion of the principal.


The items below are not to be brought to school:

  • hard balls, golf balls, regulation footballs, etc.
  • lacrosse sticks, soccer cleats
  • matches, lighters, fireworks
  • drugs (medication may be brought in and administered following Administrative Procedure SO102)
  • tobacco, alcohol
  • offensive music, pornography
  • knives, sling shots, weapon replicas, etc.
  • clothing with inappropriate, suggestive messages
  • chewing gum, liquid paper

The staff at Hagersville Elementary recognize the need for positive reinforcement to correspond with the negative aspects of discipline. All efforts will be made to run ongoing intra- and extra-mural programs as well as regular activities to recognize positive student behaviour. Regular “Student of the Week” assemblies will also occur to celebrate students who embody the character attributes/GEDSB values. We feel it is important to catch the students making good choices for themselves, to praise them and let their parents know.

Thank you to the School Advisory Council and Anti-Bullying Committee who assisted in developing this Code of Conduct.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Bullying adversely affects students’ ability to learn, the maintenance and establishment of healthy relationships and the school climate. Therefore bullying will not be accepted on school property, at school related activities, on school buses or in any other circumstance (eg. online) where engaging in bullying will have a negative impact on school climate.

Bullying is typically a form of repeated, persistent and aggressive behaviour directed at an individual or individuals that is intended to cause (or should be known to cause) fear or distress and/or harm to another person’s body, feelings, self-esteem, or reputation. Bullying occurs in a context where there is a real or perceived power imbalance.

To combat bullying, the individual schools and the board will provide:

  • policies which include comprehensive intervention strategies
  • procedures to allow student to report bullying incidents in a safe and timely manner
  • supports for students who have been bullied
  • training for all staff
  • a bullying prevention strategy as part of each individual schools school improvement plan
  • a Safe School Team at each school responsible for working to ensure school safety


The start time each day is 8:45 a.m. and the dismissal time is 3:05 p.m.

Daily Schedule

8:45 Entry Bell

8:45 - 10:25 Instructional Time

10:25 - 10:45 Outdoor Recess

10:45 -11:05 Nutrition Break

11:05 - 1:05 Instructional Time

1:05 - 1:25 Outdoor Recess

1:25 - 1:45 Nutrition Break - Designated Lunch

1:45 -3:05 Instructional Time

3:05 Dismissal

There is a tendency for some town students (walkers) to arrive too early. Planning to have your child(ren) here at 8:30 a.m. will allow them plenty of time. Playground supervision does not begin until 8:25 a.m.


  • Every Saturday and Sunday
  • Labour Day – September 5th
  • Thanksgiving Day - October 8th
  • Christmas Vacation - Dec 24th to Jan 6th
  • Family Day - February 18th
  • Mid Winter Break - March 11th to March 15th
  • Good Friday - April 19th
  • Easter Monday - April 22nd
  • Victoria Day - May 20th

Educational Links for Students

Student Link at Home

Online access to the grade "doors" that students use in the computer lab to access educational activities.

Career Cruising

Online access to Career Cruising. Grade 6, 7, and 8 students will need their login ID and passwords from their teacher to access this career and course planning website.


Online access to Raz-Kids reading program. Please login to the site with the information sent home by your child(ren)'s classroom teacher(s).


Online access to Sumdog math games program. Please login to the site with the information sent home by your child(ren)'s classroom teacher(s).


Online access to free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web.


Online access to PBSkids games.

Discovery Kids

Online access to Discovery Kids educational games and research.


Online access to free educational games, online books, and comics. Funbrain, created for kids ages preschool through grade 8, offers more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math, reading, and literacy.