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FEB 17, 2015
An Accommodation Review Committee is being initiated and is in the "Preparation Stage". The first ARC is on March 11.
FEB 9, 2015
An SHSM allows students to customize their high school experience to fit career interests. Offered in grade 11 and 12, an SHSM allows students to receive a specialized high school diploma that is recognized in economic various sectors in all four pathways.
FEB 5, 2015
Everything you need to know about Black History Month is a click away.
Immunization Clinic
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Health Unit Immunization Clinic (14 - 16 year olds)
March Break 2015
All Day
March Break - March 16 - 20 inclusive
School Community Information
Cayuga Secondary School (Secondary School)
70 Highway 54
Box 2001
Cayuga, ON
N0A 1E0
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School Contacts
Phone: (905)772-3301 x 729000
Family of Schools: Haldimand Secondary
Ivan Carruthers
70 Highway 54
Cayuga, ON
N0A 1E0
(905)772-3301 x 729000
Vice Principal:
Laurie Tottle
70 Highway 54
Cayuga, ON
N0A 1E0
(905)772-3301 x 729000
Coordinator Of Office Services:
Patti Arnold
70 Highway 54
Cayuga, ON
N0A 1E0
(905)772-3301 x 729000
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September 15, 2014

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