Our Nutrition Program

Evidence suggests that breakfast and snack programs in schools:

  • Improve children’s school performance, memory and test grades
  • Enhance students’ physical, emotional, social and intellectual development
  • Increase attendance rates, particularly for nutritionally at risk children
  • Provide enough time for children to eat and drink nutritious breakfasts and snacks
  • Provide energy for students to be more physically
  • Enhance nutritional status of students by replacing the consumption of foods with low nutritional value with more nutritious choices, such as more vegetables and fruit
  • Promote a sense of community by bringing people together to ensure all children are well-nourished
  • Lead to better dietary habits by increasing the frequency of eating breakfast
  • Reduce the prevalence of vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Provide staff with an opportunity to connect with students by sharing a meal

With the generous support of the Child Nutrition Network and the Grand Erie District School Board, we were able to renovate a room in the school into our nutrition program kitchen. Every morning at 8 a.m. parent volunteers and their children arrive to prepare and distribute the food for the day. This program would not happen without their enthusiastic support.

Each serving includes a dairy product (i.e. yogurt, cheesestring), a grain (i.e. crackers, mixed cereal, muffin, whole wheat bun) and a fruit (i.e. apple, banana, clementine orange, grapes, juice) or a vegetable (i.e. cucumber slices, raw carrots). A container filled with food is delivered to each classroom and as children get settled for a day of learning, staff and students are encouraged to help themselves to a delicious and nutritious start to the day.

Our nutrition program is organized and run by parent, Mrs. S. Fehr, who is always looking for more enthusiastic volunteers. Please call the school office, at 519-688-2110, if you are interested in helping out.