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 Welcome to Brier Park


Another Successful Pink Shirt Day at Brier Park !!!

As parents, we want our children to be safe at school and want to help them when a conflict occurs. As a school, we teach the students about Kelso’s Choices and TRIBES to problem solve through conflicts with peers. Sometimes, children will require adult support to assist in conflict resolution. As a school, we sometimes find that parents use the term bullying during any type of conflicts with students and their children. In order to assist you in distinguishing the difference between conflict and bullying, we have included a chart for your use. If you feel your child is having difficulties with another student, remind them to report it to an adult (teacher, principal, parents).  Our school has a process in place to investigate conflict and bullying, and we follow progressive discipline while at the same time assisting all parties involved.

Conflict                     VS.               Bullying 

Happens occasionally            Happens repeatedly 

Accidental, shows empathy   Done on purpose, targetting 

Rough housing, pushing          Serious-threat of physical harm or                                                      emotional or psychological hurt 

Equal emotional reaction         Strong emotional reaction on part of                                                    victim

Not seeking power/attention    Seeking power or control 

Not trying to get something      Trying to gain material things, or power 

Remorseful, takes responsibility No remorse - blames victim 

Effort to solve problem             No effort to solve problem 

Concussions Protocol 

 For information and educational resources for parents and students regarding concussions please follow this link to the Grand Erie District School Board website






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School Community Information
Brier Park School (Elementary School)
10 Blackfriar Lane
Brantford, ON
N3R 6C5
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School Contacts
Phone: (519)759-8682 x 106000
Family of Schools: Brant Elementary
Sandra Magnani
10 Blackfriar Lane
Brantford, ON
N3R 6C5
(519)759-8682 x 106000
School Secretary:
Jane Baxter
10 Blackfriar Lane
Brantford, ON
N3R 6C5
(519)759-8682 x 106000
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  Welcome to the Brier Park Public School website.  We are pleased to have our website which we hope will become a source of information to our parents.  Please feel free to e-mail any feedback and suggestions to help us improve our communication.  I believe in the inclusive culture.  This includes differentiated instruction to meet different learning styles.  I believe in "Instruction that is good for all, but a necessity for some."  I also believe that "Fair is not Always Equ...
December 02, 2013
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