Bloomsburg School Community Advisory Council (S.C.A.C.) / Parent Group

The Bloomsburg S.C.A.C./Parent Group is comprised of elected/appointed members: one teacher, one non-teaching staff member, the Principal, one community representative, and volunteer parents. This advisory body will deal with a variety of school-related issues mandated by the Ministry of Education as well as fund-raising efforts, teacher appreciation, the Breakfast Program, the Snack Program, and other school related events that capture their interest. All parents are welcome to join this vibrant and worthwhile group.

2016-17 School Council

Co-Chairs: Katie Bartlett and Bev Cody

Treasurer: Karen Smith

Other voting members: Sandra Buckle, Victoria LaForme, Jodi Nobes, Yvonne Norman

Meeting dates (6:30 pm): September 21, October 19, November 16, January 11, February 15, April 12, May 10 and June 14