School Council

The purpose of School Councils is, “through the active participation of parents, to improve pupil achievement and to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.”


An elementary school council is composed of

  • parents/guardians
  • the principal
  • a teaching staff member
  • a non-teaching staff member
  • a student (optional)
  • a community representative

Parent members shall form the majority. The total number of parents and community representatives is determined by by-laws.

A school council may advise the school or board on any matter. The board must solicit views of school councils on several policies and guidelines as listed in Regulation 612/00.


Candidate forms are available in September. Elections, if necessary, will be held annually in September.

Elgin School Council encourages your comments, questions, ideas, compliments!

  • send in a written note addressed to the School Council Chair and it will be put directly in the school council mailbox.
  • phone a school council member.
  • attend a council meeting.
  • speak to the principal.

Concerns related to an individual student are not addressed by school councils and should follow board procedure. First, speak to the child’s teacher, then Samantha Nicholson, Principal, then Mr. Wayne Baker, School Superintendent, then Mr. John Forbeck, Director of Education.

* All meetings begin at 6:00 pm at the school. All parents of Elgin students are welcome.

Meeting Minutes

September 2017

School Council Members 2014-15

  • Krista Kitchen - Chair
  • Sue Baldock - CoChair
  • Bonnie Meredith - Secretary
  • Samantha Nicholson, Principal
  • Lynda Kilpatrick, Vice-Principal