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Balanced School Day

There are many benefits for students in schools that operate under a Balanced School Day, such as larger blocks of uninterrupted instructional time, greater length of time for nutrition, less time lost through transition, greater task completion, and improved student focus.

The school day is divided into three equal instructional segments totalling 300 minutes. The segments are separated by 40-minute nutrition and recreational breaks instead of two 15-minute recess breaks and a one-hour lunch break.


Literacy Program
Every classroom in the school will have large blocks of uninterrupted time for literacy programming (reading, writing, oral and visual communication) during each school day.

Academic Performance
Research supports a balance of learning, physical activity and nutrition throughout a school day. To maximize learning for children, the Balanced Day Schedule provides a significant block of uninterrupted teaching/learning time. We are expecting academic benefits for all our students.

Balanced Nutrition
Research indicates that children, need more frequent food breaks each day. The Balanced Day will provide two times during the school day for students to eat a nutritional lunch or snack. Students who are nutritionally satisfied concentrate better and learn more effectively.

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